Ah! The awesome, exalting sound of a pipe organ as it fills a hall! What a magnificent, glorious  sound! And what a majestic looking instrument; its flute-like pipes rising high into the roof and seemingly disappearing into the heavens!

Years ago as a youngster I joined a choir. The conductor, not too sure that puny skinny me could produce bass sound, asked me whether I was willing to press the pump to see that enough air filled the pipe organ so the organist could produce the sound. I readily agreed as all I wanted was to be somewhere near the singing. Maybe it was the same enthusiasm and zeal in working the pump that ultimately got me a place in the choir and not my voice! It was also my proximity to such lovely sounds produced by the instrument that has made me love the instrument, and thus this tale about another pipe organ:         

        In a remote Swiss village stood a beautiful church which had the most beautiful pipe organ in the whole region. People would come from miles away--from far off lands--to hear the lovely tones of this organ.

But one day there was a problem. The columns were still there—the windows still dazzled with the sunlight--but there was an eerie silence. The mountain valley no longer echoed the glorious fine-tuned music of the pipe organ.

Something had gone wrong with the pipe organ. Musicians and experts from around the world tried to repair it. Every time a new person tried to fix it the villagers were subjected to sounds of disharmony--awful penetrating noises which polluted the air.

One day an old man appeared at the church door. He spoke with the priest and after a time the priest reluctantly agreed to let the old man try his hand at repairing the organ.

For two days the old man worked in almost total silence. The priest was, in fact, getting a bit nervous. Then on the third day--at high noon--the mountain valley once again was filled with glorious music.

Farmers dropped their plows, merchants closed their stores--everyone in town stopped what they were doing and headed for the church. Even the bushes and trees of the mountain tops seemed to respond as the glorious music echoed from ridge to ridge.

After the old man finished playing, a brave soul asked him how he had fixed the organ, how had he restored this magnificent instrument when even the world's experts could not. The old man smiled and whispered that it was actually an inside job. "It was I who built this organ fifty years ago. I created it--and now I have restored it.

That is what God is like. It is He who created you, and it is He who can, and will restore you! Want to start playing lovely music again? Get the Creator to do your restoration..!

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