Had been to Goa for a businessmen’s convention, where I’d been invited as a speaker. The flight was good, but the plane was delayed by over an hour and I reached the hotel that I was being put up by the hosts, quite late and found there was a mix up in the rooms.

“It’s okay,” I said, “I’ll pay for my room, just see that I get a bed for tonight!”

“Is everything okay?” asked my hosts the next day, before I was going up to speak.

“All fine!” I said, but later explained to them about the mix up. “Why didn’t you tell us immediately? You are our guest?”

“Didn’t want to complain!” I said.

Of course, complaints in themselves are not bad things. I realize that something has to be addressed before it can be fixed, and I believe that there are times when dissatisfaction should be expressed. What's more, I realize that we all have different temperaments. Some people naturally see the glass half-full, some see it half empty and some just see that they will probably end up washing it. Some people are naturally more accepting while others complain quickly.

But a tendency to constantly look at what is wrong can become a habit. And habits can take over. I just don't want to become a person who spends a lot of time just complaining.

I find that if I fill my mind with the little irritants of life, I have no room, or energy, left for anything that nurtures and feeds my spirit. No room for genuine appreciation. No room for understanding. No room for enjoyment. No room for fond memories. No room for storing a list of things that bring pleasure.

I actually believe there is much to feel good about. Like a humorist rightly said, "The next time you feel like complaining, remember that your garbage probably contains better leftovers which thirty percent of the people in this world would love to eat!" I want to leave room in my mind for a long gratitude list that I can readily recall when I need a boost.

I want to notice what's good and right about the world. And I want to fill my heart and head with that which brings some joy so that I may go to bed each evening content.

Attitudes are habits. Like television producer Barbara Gordon says, "While others may argue about whether the world ends with a bang or a whimper, I just want to make sure mine doesn't end with a whine." I can't put it any better than that.

What kind of person are you: A whiner or a winner?

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