A reader of mine has asked me to write about love! Ah love: What a beautiful feeling isn’t it? Suddenly the world changes, dark clouds become bright sky, gloomy days become joyful, and quiet men and women get swept away in a form of ecstatic madness! I have seen shy men or women with no confidence in themselves suddenly strutting around like kings and princesses! All, because someone has returned the love they’ve given.

But, and this is a huge but, I have seen the same love turning to dislike and then hate. Very often this happens after the couple have tied the knot. It’s too late to get out now, and the same sunny days become gloomy and sunshine turns to dark clouds. The reasons are many, but one of them is when we fall in love with surface beauty and not inner beauty.

Surface beauty is what most advertisements talk about nowadays: Fairer skin, no pimple face, or even plastic surgery for nose, or lip correction! It’s all there and for a few thousand rupees you can change from an average looking person to a beautiful or handsome man or woman.

That’s the outer or surface beauty, and unfortunately most of us fall for that; the tall, dark and handsome dude, the fair, beautiful girl!

But beauty fades, tall, thin dudes become fat and heavy, and we who fell for looks and beauty are left holding memories of the same.

So stop looking at the surface, look inside the other person for inner beauty! Look for wisdom, peace and compassion. Search inside for understanding and goodness, and that’s a beauty that lasts. You will rarely find one with inner beauty being dragged to court for a divorce. That’s a beauty that is loved and cherished. That’s a beauty that embraces and hugs and loves through the years, in sickness and in hard times.

Love someone who has that kind of beauty!

Also love someone who loves God! Yes, there will be days of great trouble as you go along in life, but when both of you love God, you can take those troubles to God in prayer and immediately feel and see the difference in your relationship! God binds love together. God is the third person in a marriage, but unlike most third persons in a marriage, God brings the couple together.

Love is not blind, love just needs better glasses to be looked at..!

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