Being driven around Bhopal and watching pedestrians on the road, off the road and nearly on top of the cars and other vehicles, my imagination started working overtime:

The two men walking right in the middle of the road, were not bothered by everybody blowing their horns at them. “Watch out,” shouted his companion as a car screeched to a halt inches away from his friend.

“The police should be strict about the sound level,” said the nearly run over man, as he pulled his hands away from his ears. “That screeching sound nearly tore my eyes drums.”

“Yes,” said his friend, “these cars are becoming noisier, they should ban the use of horns on the road.”

“At least they should ban them from using it on us pedestrians,” said the taller man wisely, “we could have a heart attack.”

The scooterist overtaking the cyclist saw the two men walking on the road, a little too late. He tried to slam his brakes, hit the shorter of the two men and they both fell onto the ground.

“Are you hurt?” asked the taller of the two men as he pulled his companion onto his feet. “There’s blood all over you.”

“It’s not my blood,” said the smaller man, cheerfully, “it belongs to that stupid scooterist lying there on the road, he’s spoiled my new clothes though!”

“Maybe we should ask him for compensation,” said his friend, “he had no right messing up your clothes like this.”

“I’m getting used to it,” said the man with the stained clothes, “nearly every day I land up in the office with somebody’s blood, tyre marks or scratch marks. People just drive and ride as if this road belongs to them. I think the police should ban vehicles from plying on the roads, let them drive somewhere else!”

“They are a danger to our lives,” agreed his companion and again stepped into the path of a huge double-decker which slammed its brakes to avoid the man and in the process badly injured an old man and a pregnant lady inside the bus who fell down the steps. The bus driver seeing what had happened tried to hastily run away from the bus, followed by an irate and badly bruised bus load of people.

“Why are they running after that bus driver?” asked the shorter man.

“Let’s go and find out,” said the taller friend and started running along with the people.

“Let’s hit the driver,” said the shorter man as he pushed his way into the angry mob. “He has to learn to drive more carefully, he has to learn to think of other people.”

“Yes,” said his friend, “let’s teach him some civic sense.”

The two friends along with the mob kicked the driver and then continued on their journey, walking in the middle of the road.

Not just Bhopal, but every city in India, finds the likes of these two fellows..!

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