- Definitely a woman who seems to have the Most and needs the Least.

Mrs Suneeti Singh, The First Lady of ANI, born in the army and married within the army, is a pure thoroughbred of the Army. And as such, reflects a very high moral integrity which also reflects her rigid sense of ‘right’  or ‘wrong’.  A person - truly apolitical, completely dedicated to all close to her heart, THE woman behind the success of all the three Men in her life, and still standing proudly as an individual - with no highlighted achievements to her credit.  All who know her, are still unable to comprehend her ability to squeeze in the work of four days into one. Her persona exudes a certain kind of energy rarely found!

As a universally acclaimed animal lover, she devotes herself to numerous Dogs at home and the Horses in the stables. Yet, she manages to do justice to the multifarious roles she plays in her life. Being herself empowered, Suneeti Singh has always stood for Women Empowerment, and has rightly regarded it as the true essence of a woman’s being. It has been her main focus through the years. She has relentlessly advocated Education, Health Care and done all she could for them who could manage to reach out to her.

The Islands and the Islanders do have a special place in her heart. During her visits to Andamans, she has been visiting various social welfare institutions like the Working Women’s Hostels, Orphanages/Homes and has inspired many initiatives.

It was at her behest that a lot of activities were introduced at the Balika Niketan, a home for orphan and destitute girls. With the desire to make available a window to the world, she has got them introduced to yoga, classical music and dance, development of communication skills, art and craft. Talking to her, clearly reflects the pain she feels for all that needs to be done.

Various new facilities were added in the Old Age Home and the Working Women’s Hostel following her visits.


A unique initiative, exemplifying the largesse of her heart, was the introduction of regular visits by school children to the Raj Niwas providing them a unique opportunity for this kind of interface.