By Dr. Puneet Arora

• Myth: Homoeopathy acts slowly.

Fact: Action of homoeopathic medicine is dependent on immune reaction of the patient as well as nature of disease. Healing restoration power of patient plays vital role in healing.

For e.g. complaints like diabetes, hypertension, chronic skin complaints like eczema or psoriasis may take longer time to get corrected where as complaints like Jaundice, typhoid, tonsillitis, hepatitis, Acute renal failure etc shows results as soon as possible after correct homoeopathic medication.

• Myth: Homoeopathic medicines contain steroids.

Fact: There is no relation between homoeopathic medicines and steroids. Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from plants, animal secretions, minerals, metals and solar, lunar as well as magnetic radiations.

Preparation of Homoeopathic medicines follows proper rules and regulations of Indian government and homoeopathic pharmacopeia maintained by regularized body like CCH.

•Myth: There is no side effect of homoeopathic medication.

Fact: There are side effects of homoeopathic medicines, we should say prognostic symptoms, which depend on nature of disease, and the medicine administered.

•Myth: There are many dietary restrictions along with homoeopathic medicines.

Fact: There are no such long lists of dietary restrictions during course of treatment. Only those certain things are restricted which have direct or indirect effect on disease condition or/and functionality of medicine administered.  For e.g. as people say that onion and garlic should be avoided during treatment, there is no such scientific finding to support this as seen clinically.

•Myth: Homoeopathy has very limited scope in terms of diseases.

Fact: Homoeopathy is the most complete, scientific and latest medical science based on nature’s principles with results shown by IIT scientists. Homoeopathy treats ‘the man in disease not disease in man’. It’s clinically seen that homoeopathy gives good results in all kind of illnesses; may it be auto-immune disorders or neurological disorders or any other form of disease.

•Myth: Homoeopathic medicines can only be given to certain age group patients.

Fact: Homoeopathic medicines can be given to every age group. It can be administered to infants, pregnant women, or old patients.

•Myth: Anyone can practice homoeopathy.

Fact: Homoeopathy can be practiced only by registered degree containing doctor. Degree can be BHMS/DHMS/GHMS minimum with post-graduation also. Bad effects or side effects are seen more in cases handled by people practicing it without proper knowledge.

“Homoeopathy is a complete science based on deep philosophy and scientific knowledge and research.”

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