By Yogi Ashwini

If you recall the episode from Ramayana, you will find that Ravan appeared to be invincible despite repeated attacks by Rama, and was killed only when Rama pierced his navel with an arrow. The navel corresponds to the seat of power in the body.

Our digestive system, governed by the Manipoorak Chakra, is the storehouse of power for the body. One of the three doshas in Ayurveda, responsible for digestion or metabolism in the body, is the Pitta Dosha.

Pit Dosha


Active & sharp-minded, short-tempered and quarrelsome

Greys prematurely, with thinness of hair

Tender & Clear body with a radiant complexion, freckles, black moles

Has a strong power of digestion and proper metabolism, therefore a good appetite

Sweats a lot, high libido

Is seen to be fond of sweets, cold foods and cold things

Dreams of fire or light and more of red colours

Pitta primarily aids sight, digestion, appetite, thirst and proper metabolism, maintaining radiance and unctuousness in the body.


By nature, pitta is sharp; the imbalances caused by pitta are, therefore, sharp and intense in nature.  It is said to cause 40 kinds of diseases in the body, but many more when it combines with the other two doshas. Burning sensation, heat, suppuration, perspiration, sloughing, itching and other skin ailments, discharge, redness, dryness, improper digestion are some of the symptoms of paittik type of diseases. People of the pitta type encounter stomach ulcers, hyperacidity, colitis, gastritis, etc.


A person of pitta prakriti should avoid hot, pungent, spicy, sour food. Excessive intake of tea, coffee, and hot drinks are also to be avoided.

Individuals of Paittik constitution should eat light meals at small intervals, and resort to diets which are cool, sweet, bitter and astringent in nature as it alleviates Pitta.

One can take shatavari or licorice with milk, ghee and honey (honey double the quantity of ghee), juices, soaked almonds, soaked figs with the water they are soaked in, chyawanprash, again increasing gradually.

Excess of sour substances aggravates pitta and may cause acidity and ulcers. Citrus fruits, curd, buttermilk, dosa, idli, dhokla, breads are a rich source of sour taste.

The most essential nutrient in a healthy diet is butter/ghee. It is a tonic for brain, skin, and bones. It kindles digestive fire without disturbing the pitta.

#Health Remedy: Here I give you a remedy for Diarrhea or frequent bowel movement, caused due to disturbed pitta

. Mix banana, salt and black pepper in curd and eat in frequent intervals.

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