By Yogi Ashwini 

In the last two article s we talked about the Vata and Pitta doshas, Vata being the prime substance that constitutes a being, responsible for all bodily functions, while Pitta aiding digestion & metabolism.

The last dosha, is Kapha, also called the ‘Binding Dosha’, which is a promoter of strength in the form of ojas in the body. Kapha binds the body together.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha is by nature heavy, slimy, unctuous, sweet, firm, slow, stable, dense, cold, viscous and clear.


Excellence of wealth, knowledge and energy

Pleasing appearance, glowing face, clarity of complexion

Firmness, compactness and strength in the body and joints

Heavy and soft hair

Lack of intensity in hunger, thirst, heat and respiration

Stability in physical, mental and financial planes

Happy outlook

Patient and peaceful

They have strong physical bodies, with strength like that of a bull and are fond of sweets. They are compared to Brahma, Shiva, devtas, horse, bull or swan.


Kapha prakriti is said to be the best constitution as it is the least of causative factors for diseases in the body. The causes of disturbance of kapha are sleeping in the day time, laziness, lack of exercises, and excessive intake of foods which are sweet, sour, saline, oily, and heavy in nature. The diseases caused by kapha are treated with drugs having pungent, bitter, astringent, sharp and hot qualities.

Persons of kapha prakriti are advised not to sleep in the day time as it would result in an increase in the kapha dosha.


 It is important to eat foods that keep kapha in balance. Vegetables and fruits like radish, onion, garlic, chillies, ginger, bell peppers, apples and pomegranate (in small quantities) is good. Ghee, old organic honeys are good for the system. Should avoid fried & oily food and sweets, wheat, rice, bananas, papaya, guava, root vegetables like potato, yam, pulses like chole, rajma and urad and nuts except walnut.

#Health Remedy: Persons of kapha prakriti have a tendency to put on excess fat. Adding a yr-old honey to your morning tea and lime juice aids in fat loss.

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