Empty bellied Indians, poor and impoverished looked up at the platform, where a pre-election meeting was going to be held. They clutched their caved in stomachs and waited with anticipated breaths as the contestant for their area heaved himself on stage, “Bhaiyo aur Behno!” he said, allowing the words to sink in as he caught his breath after the laborious journey from car to venue, and from venue to the climb onto the platform, “today is going to be a momentous day for you!”

Even as most of us strive to send our children to either settle in the US or study there, we are slowly developing an anger towards that country. Maybe it’s because of a visa refusal, and I’m not going into anyone who didn’t get one, or it could be opportunities the US citizen has that we don't have here.

I believe that most of it, world over, is due to envy.

The startling news that one third of Covid deaths in the world have come from India and that we had the most number of fatalities, may have shocked the world, but not our country as I started finding out: “Who is WHO?” said a man selling tea on the platform of a local station, “Did they physically count the number of dead?”

“They say, ten times more people have died from Covid then the official data has revealed!” I said stubbornly.

Something I’m beginning to hear very suddenly, is the government blaming everything on either Nehru, or Gandhiji, or some previous leader. It’s a blame game that doesn’t happen only in the government, it happens just about anywhere.

 “I cannot get a promotion, because my parents didn’t send me for MBA!”

The other day I heard the banks were on strike!

My neighbour who works in a bank, owns two flats next door, and who has just bought himself a new motor car, all through zero percent interest loans, that his bank makes available for him, sat on his balcony on that same day of the bank strike, along with his teenaged son sipping a cup of tea.