General Public Expect Intervention of Hon’ble Lt. Governor to End Their Agony

Port Blair, Nov. 6: Upon receiving several complaints from the members of the general public and the Member of Parliament regarding the unjustified rates of Set Top Boxes being supplied by the Andaman Cable Network, the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman District had convened a meeting with the Cable Operators on 1st of November 2012.

The meeting convened by the Deputy Commissioner, Shri Rupesh Thakur in the presence of Police authorities had directed the cable operators to resume the services of all the previous channels at-once, not to compel the connection holder for installation of Set Top Box, to provide option to the consumer of purchase of Set Top Box in lower price range also, to ensure improvement in quality of cable service, to create awareness among general public about the concept of Set Top Box, fees structure, reasons of difference in price than the mainland and other related information through news papers apart from through their channels. They were also directed to submit all such clarifications to District Administration.

It is surprising to note that inspite of the directions from the Deputy Commissioner in the presence of the Police authorities, none of the directions have been followed till date. In fact, the meeting convened by the DC had made the situation worse. Instead of resuming the services, the Andaman Cable Network has deteriorated the quality of most of the existing channels, making it next to impossible for the subscribers to watch. To add to the agony of the subscribers, it was noticed that few channels are half covered with a notice to the cable operators from the respected channels to renew their subscriptions.

It has also been noticed that a Television vendor had advertised a 50% discount on the Set Top Boxes provided by ACN on purchase of a television set from the shop, thereby luring customers to go in for the unjustified STBs.

In such a situation, it can only be hoped that the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, His Excellency, Lt. Gen. (Retd) PVSM, AVSM would intervene personally in the matter to end the agonies of the cable subscribers. With lack of entertainment facilities like Cinema Theatres in the islands, cable TV remains as the only option for genuine entertainment of the islanders although they remain with no choices of their own. Moreover TV also serves as a great means of communication, may it be any important announcement of the Govt. of India or a disaster like situation.

It has been a sentiment of the islanders that if the Hon’ble Lt. Governor intervenes in the matter and invites National Service Providers like DTH, Airtel etc. it would be a major step for the benefit of the islanders, which will be remembered by all.