Vice President Cup Football Championship


Car Nicobar, Nov. 2: The Strong Army men of Territorial Army team have made a comeback in the tournament with a bang today. Annoyed by the humiliating defeat in their first match of the tournament by the Wimberlygunj Team, the TA did not want to take any chances in this game from the very first moment of the match. The boys smashed the hopes of the poor Rangat team and scored 10 goals. It was a game of sheer class. The TA men had the total control on the ball throughout the match and the opponent couldn’t do anything than to watch the skillful display of the magical boots of the defending Champions. The match has also seen the first fastest goal of the tournament being scored. B. Richardson of TA scored this goal in the 37th seconds of the play. He scored 4 goals alone. With this stunning performance the TA has given a strong message to them who were criticizing the team on their defeat against Wimberlygunj in their first match.

The second match played today here at the John Richardson Stadium Car NIcobar, seemed a balanced one between Police and Campbell bay teams. The first goal was scored by the Campbell bay and then it looked as if the lead would continue. But the Police team scored the equalizer just before the end of the first half of the play. In the second half the Police team widened the margin by scoring another goal and won the match by 2-1. The football fans believe that the Police team is not playing to its potential in this tournament, what it is known for.  

Car Nicobar-A team continued their winning streak in the Competition today also. The boys played beautifully in today’s third match against Indian Air Force, and went on to win by 3-0. The match was dominated by the Carnic-A boys but the brilliant performance of the IAF Goalkeeper Joseph prevented them to go ahead further. He stopped the shots superbly and the crowd enjoyed the fine display of goal keeping. The First Headman of the Kimious village Shri Regenald Watchfull was the Chief Guest in the last match.

Today being the All souls day, all the matches were scheduled in the forenoon session. Tomorrow large number of football lovers is expected to turn up here at the Bishop Richardson Stadium, to see the big matches.

The Chief Secretary Shri Anand Prakash will be the special guest here. He will be witnessing the match at 3.15 Pm.

Tomorrow’s Match Schedule

1.       Car Nicoabar-B vs Little Andaman                             6.00 AM

2.       Teressa vs Katchal                                                    7.30 AM

3.       Air Force Carnic vs Mayabunder                                 1.45 PM

4.       Wimberlygunj vs A&N Police                                      3.15 PM