A pain killer that left a permanent scar and a lifelong battle that binds a young man on bed for more than a decade…..



Report: Mary Pee -

Mayabunder, Oct. 7: It started on a sad note for Saw She -Tha, when everyone else was in the jubilant mood for the Karen jubilee celebration in 2000. Unable to take the excruciating back ache he was taken to Dr. Rajendra Prasad Hospital,   Mayabunder and was administered with a dose of pain killer to relief him of the pain.

After taking the injection he felt weak and giddy and he almost crumbled down but somehow mustered up the courage to sit on the bed, thereon he was hospitalized for 18 days and was taken to Port Blair for the complications he developed. Doctors at G.B .Pant Hospital referred him to Chennai, but others felt he would not make it and it would be a waste of money and time to go to Chennai and come back in the same condition.

Sh-Tha was heartbroken and was convinced that he would not get better and again he was brought back to Dr. Rajendra Prasad Hospital, Mayabunder where he was admitted for a year. His sores and wounds started emitting foul smell and he was constantly on medication for the wounds.

After spending a year in hospital he was finally brought home and since then he is bedridden and lie helplessly with no ray of hope. He lost his wife to a deadly Andaman fever a year after he was brought back home. He has a teenage daughter who is studying in class 9 at a Govt. school in Webi. She- Tha is not financially sound and before meeting this tragic fate he was earning his livelihood by diving and fishing.

She- Tha sings when he is depressed and consoles himself by reading the Bible, the only book he wishes to complete before he leaves this world. He rarely cries, only when he is in severe pain. He lives with his aged father and mother and his mother tends to his needs and cleans his wounds at home itself.

“Unless and until one goes through this phase no one will know personally how it feels to be bed ridden with sores for more than a decade, and I have lost all hopes of walking on my feet again and I will forever be on this bed. May be if I have a wheel chair I could sit on it and move around the house but I am poor and I cannot afford.” says She -Tha .

He does not wish to put the blame on anyone but count it as his ill fate and will carry on like this as long as he can.

Will there be a ray of hope for She- Tha??  Will anyone be able to explain him that after every darkness comes the light….?