Port Blair, March 6: “We never forget all party’s contribution to render unparallel support during our struggle and Dharna on 31st January 2013 and the Hon’ble Member of Parliament who sat along with the All Party’s Senior Leaders for our cause and thereafter was arrested by the Police. The Member of Parliament never did mind to sit on the road with us, which reflects a true public representative, Andaman Islands have ever had”, said the President, A&N Tourist Vehicle Drivers Welfare Union on the issue of opening of Andaman Trunk Road for tourist.

The President further said that the A&N Administration under the compulsion had to bend down before the public anger and sentiments. It thus prayed to the Hon’ble Supreme Court for review the use of ATR passing through the Jarawa reserve territory by the tourists as well, until the alternate sea route is developed.

“We express our deep gratitude to all the Parties who stood behind us day & night during our struggle”, expressed the President, A&N Tourist Vehicle Drivers Welfare Union today.

 Port Blair, March 6: The Chairman, Port Blair Municipal Council, Shri PB Murugan, in a letter of gratitude to the Lt. Governor today said, “The recent Hon’ble Supreme Court verdict by a Bench of Hon’ble Justice G.S. Singhvi, H.L. Gokhale and Ms. Ranjana Desai disposing of as infructuous a Special Leave Petition on banning all kinds of tourist and commercial activities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has come as a huge relief to the settlers residing in the Islands and the local unemployed tour and travel operators”.

Murugan further said, “This has come about due to the untiring efforts of the Lt. Governor and the A&N Administration under your able leadership, keeping in mind the livelihood of thousands of unemployed and the interest of the Islanders who use the Andaman Trunk Road as their lifeline”.

The Chairman PBMC on behalf of the islanders had extended sincere gratitude to the Lt. Governor for resolving this issue once and for all and relieving the islanders from all such uncertainties about their future, created by certain sections of the society with personalized agenda.

“This settlement of ATR issue would go a long way in taking the Islands forward with regards to its overall development and also safeguarding the interest of the Jarawas”, added Murugan.

Port Blair, March 6: A Portuguese National named Faget Jochen Karl has been arrested by the Central Crime Station, CID for violating the Visa Rule.

Faget along with his wife had checked in to Hotel Holiday Resort, Port Blair on 25th February 2013. Since then he has been taking interviews of various people. Upon gathering intelligence that Faget Jochen Karl was violating the Visa Rule, which was issued to him as tourist, the CID nabbed him on 27th Feb. 2013.

After sustained interrogation, Faget Jochen Karl was arrested on 5th March 2013 by the Central Crime Station under CID for violation of the Tourist Visa Rule. Meanwhile, the Manager of Holiday Resort, Port Blair has also been arrested on charges that he did not submit the ‘C’ Form of the foreign national to the nearest Police Station or to the immigration department on time.

The C Form of the foreign national was submitted on 27th Feb. 2013 which was in violation of the rule. The C Form mentioning the prescribed details of any foreign national checking in private hotels or lodges should be submitted within 24 hours from the time of checking in.