Port Blair, Aug 17: In the wake of rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in Round Basti-Atlanta point area and in ABC Colony, Shadipur along with detection of Multiple ILI cases in these areas, both these areas have been declared as Containment Zones.

Further, as there have been no further reports of COVID-19 Positive cases in Prem Nagar (Part) containment zone and all past cases have been discharged, the containment operations in this area have been declared closed.

Port Blair, Aug 17: The Government of India/ Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers welfare, on the request of A&N Administration, have included Port Meadows and Nancowry as Plant Quarantine Ports for import of stone aggregates under the Plant Quarantine Regulations, vide a Memorandum dated 13th Aug, 2020. As per existing arrangements only Port Blair was the notified port for the purpose of Plant Quarantine Regulations and all the cargo ships carrying stones, sand and aggregate had to mandatorily touch Port Blair for clearances, which was not only cumbersome/ time consuming but also economically disadvantageous. The notification would ease the procedures for import of stone aggregates for infrastructure projects especially in the Nicobar Islands and would lead to considerable savings in the transportation costs and time.

Uneducated and Unqualified Security Guards Entrusted with Tasks of Checking BP and Temperature

Port Blair, Aug 14: In what can be called as a mockery of health care in the A&N Islands, after the collapse of the lone referral hospital of A&N Islands, the A&N Administration has no other way but to utilize the services of uneducated and unqualified people to replace health workers.

High time to Accept the Failure in COVID-19 Management and Surrender to the Centre

Port Blair, Aug 14: Truth will always remain ‘Truth’ even if somebody prefers to close their eyes and spread false. This is the case in A&N Islands wherein the official data on COVID-19 released by the Andaman Administration has been tailored in such a way that ‘truth’ about the number of cases and ‘deaths’ have been projected as per the convenience of the Administration.

Port Blair, Aug 14: Two police personnel have been selected for Police Medal for their meritorious service. They have been awarded with Police Medal for Meritorious Service on the occasion of Independence–Day-2020. Their brief achievements are as under:-