Rise Up


By Buvnesh

Now that you are motivated, let’s start from the basics of working out.

The first exercise I ever did to improve my strength and endurance were push-ups.

Push-ups are a modified version of an age old technique known as “dand” which wrestlers or “pehalvaans” used to improve their strength. This movement is known as Hindu Push-ups in the modern world.

The only difference between a normal push-up and “Dand” is that “Dand” involves a lot more of your Shoulder muscles as compared to regular Push-ups.

Remember, although bodyweight exercises do not help you to build muscle but are a great way to sculpt/tone your body.

You have tons of variations that will keep your workout interesting every time you do it. These variations will help you to improve your core strength which most people lack and also help build your strength.

These exercises can be done anywhere anytime and it’s free. The only thing you need to invest is your time.

Now to perform a push-up:

Step 1: Lie on your chest, position your palms on the floor about five fingers apart from your chest, approximately shoulder width apart. Your elbows pointing towards your hips and your toes pointing towards your head.

Step 2: Now take a deep breath in, hold it and push yourself up. Keep pushing unless your arms are fully extended. And then repeat.

The Primary muscle that you should be focusing on while doing a push-up is your pectoral muscles also knows as your Chest muscles.

The secondary muscle involved are your tricep brachii A.K.A triceps; the muscle group behind your arms. “Anterior deltoids” also known as Front part of your “shoulders” and it also involves a little bit of Bicep brachii A.K.A. biceps.

Repetitions per Set:   

The rep-range that you need to follow if you are a beginner is anywhere from 1 to 5 reps for the first day and you can progress from there.

This is a great exercise to not only sculpt and tone your Chest but also your arms and shoulders or your upper body in general.

Once you are good in doing push-ups, it will result in increased muscle endurance. Push-ups are not limited only to men. Even women can do this movement and see good results in their upper body.

Pro Tip: One thing I always like to do while doing a push-up is to suck my tummy in and hold it in as long as possible, while breathing. This has a dual effect which I’ll speak of in the next article.

Till then keep grinding. 

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