“Where did you find it?” he asked sharply.

 “In your mother’s room while we were cleaning up!” his maid said, looking scared as she watched him staring at the suitcase, she was placing in his fancy sitting room.

He looked at the red suitcase, “Did she have to choose such a garish colour?” he asked himself, and then saw his phone buzzing. It was an unknown number, and out of sheer curiosity he picked it up, “Hello?” he said.

Many years ago, a friend of mine who was planning to get married sat with me one evening and discussed the kind of wife he would like to have.

 “She should be a working woman,” he said very definitely.

 “Why?” I asked, “I’m sure you’re doing well, why do you need her to go out and work?”

-Shahnaz Husain

Looking to chill out in the hot season? Well, your face does, too!

The heat is on the rise. When the weather changes, the needs of the skin also change. That means we’re constantly on the look-out for treatments that will keep us cool.

Applying ice to skin for beauty purposes is known as cold therapy. It’s routinely used in the treatment to eliminate puffiness, reduce oiliness, ease acne and boost the skin’s healthy glow. Cold facials are especially beneficial for summer days.

*By Lissy Sudesh

International Nurses Day is celebrated across the world every year on 12th May, the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing profession. She is also known as THE LADY WITH THE LAMP and the day is to mark the contributions that nurses make to the society. Nurses are the backbone for a healthy society. During this pandemic, their extraordinary contribution has proved their dedication and hard work. Nursing is a noble and rewarding profession that one can choose as career.

Somewhere in the US, arms manufacturers seemed to be throwing a party. There was the firing of cannon, rifle and pistol shots coming from their estates. The local police were baffled and rode over to see what the commotion was all about, “Good evening,” said the sheriff respectfully as he got off his car and went over to the billionaire’s huge gates where an armed guard stood, “There’s a lot of shooting and firing, hope all’s well!”