Singing in one of the best choirs in the country and under the illustrious Coomi Wadia, I think I have been spoiled silly. A point she emphatically enforces is that in case a choir member makes a mistake during rehearsals or even during a performance no other member is to turn around, correct the person or even show disapproval. With this beautiful, but simple rule, members of this secular choir sing out, make mistakes, get corrected only by the conductor and learn to sing vibrantly, harmoniously and produce great music together!

There’s a soft terror that’s going unchecked in our country! As I watch politicians in our country speaking what they want and getting away with it, I’ve often wondered how they get away very often with murder? I’ve realized that as long as we have a system where courts take fifteen or twenty years or even a lifetime to decide an issue, there is no parameter or boundary which the politician won’t transcend! The only fear the politician has is that of the law and if the law takes this long to act, then there is really no law.

“You’ll have to move out, the building is unsafe,” the municipal engineers had told her, as they stood at her doorstep staring unashamedly at her buxom form as she cradled the baby in her arms.

“Where?” she had asked silently as she quietly nodded her head and closed the door.

It was a gathering in the country of a billion and a quarter,

There were murmurs and sharp words, but no smiles, chuckles or laughter.

The people were fed up, all those who’d gathered there,

“What did you do for us?” they cried to those who sat on the chair.

“We gave our vote, and hoped that you, would do something for us,

We were impressed by dreams you sold and all the other fuss.

You said there would be jobs and perks, for all of us today!

But looks like all we ever saw, were your smirks coming our way!”

Last evening I was at the club and saw a man at the next table who tried to avoid my eyes. I knew why. He’d been abandoned by his friends and others because of the way he had treated them while he had held a post.

Which reminded me that life is like a boomerang and I was caught up in memories of me as a kid playing for hours with a small wooden boomerang given to me as a gift.