It was the strangest photo I’d seen. It showed two men shaking hands with each other, one his face gleaming with a huge smile, the other a look of absolute puzzlement on his face. The gleaming smile was meant for the cameras. The gleaming smile gentleman had turned his face completely towards the camera, to show his whole grinning face for the photo, and the other gentleman, a foreigner had a look of sheer surprise, because while shaking hands and seeking eye contact with the man whose hands he was shaking, that person had turned to face the camera.

Since the mosquito menace is spreading and the municipality has asked citizens in the city to spot the mosquito carrying the dreaded dengue, I thought I’d do my bit for the country:

“What are you admiring your arm for?” I asked my wife.

“Sssshhh!” I whispered, “you’ll scare it away.”

Last night, was out for dinner with friends and I’d come back late, but did what I normally do, which is charge my phone before jumping into bed and off to sleep.

This morning, I looked puzzled at a blank screen.

The phone had not charged.

There’s so many of us who wonder why we’ve been thrown into this cruel, hard world, with it’s misfortunes, betrayals, dishonesty and more. Some shudder at hardships, depression and tough days they wearily crawl through, grey, dark and dim, with no sign of abatement. 

Nanda Devi is surrounded by a ring of mountains enclosing the Sanctuary, which despite decades of attempts, no one was able to enter. In 1934 Eric Shipton, and his associates succeeded in finding a climbing route into the Sanctuary, via the Rishi Ganga gorge.

Sometimes there is a typo error in my column! Once in a way not one, not two, but three! Normally within minutes of sending the column, I get readers responding from all over, some sending me an emoji of appreciation, others coining a reply. Sometimes it’s a dozen, often a score and every, once in a while a few hundred write in.

But those days when an error takes place, there is an avalanche! Messages came from all over, each pointing out the mistake I’ve made, and I thank each one of you for the same.