With all the skirmishes going on between the governors of the different states, especially those ruled by the opposition and the elected representatives, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when one of them received a call, late at night. “Hello!” said the Governor, weary with a battle he had fought during the day with the chief minister, “Who is this?”

“The Queen!” said a voice with a British accent.

By P. Perumal, A. K. De, Jai Sunder and D. Bhattacharya

Animal Science Division, ICAR-CIARI


Reproductive performance is a measure of number of calf per cow per year. As a rule of thumb, a very good cow is a cow which produces one calf in every year. In many places, too often reproduction is at a low level, this can be concluded from the long calving intervals and low conception rates. The common reproductive problems are postpartum anestrous, post pubertal anestrus, silent estrous, anovulation, delayed ovulation, cystic ovarian degeneration, repeat breeding syndrome, under developed genitalia, retention of fetal membrane, postpartum metritis, maceration, mummification, abortion, dystocia, intrauterine infections, endometritis, pyometritis and uterine & vaginal prolapse leads to reproduction failure in dairy cows.

The five tyre manufacturers, one an American, an Englishman, a German, a Frenchman and a Japanese sat huddled together in a hotel in Mumbai looking quite lost and confused. “Friends,” said the American, “we are gathered here today to pool our ideas to overcome this terrible crisis that has hit our tyre industry.”

 “There is nothing we can do,” mumbled the Britisher who was the president of the Indian unit of a major Tyre company from the U.K. “The roads are so bad over here that even our best tyres don’t last for more than six months.”

More than a year ago, it was sad seeing my huge German-Shepherd dog, whimpering in pain. His ear had got infected, so with cotton swabs, antiseptic cream and warm water in a plastic mug, I slowly and laboriously started cleaning it, holding his head lovingly against me, before putting soothing medication, and adding a few drops of a pain killer! My dog looked up at me, he usually allowed me to touch his wounds, and I imagined what he was asking me with those brown pleading eyes, “What are you doing master, what are you thinking off? Just cleaning my ear? Treating my wound, or what?”

 “You are an ungrateful people!” I shout, as bruised, battered and beaten, a tired people stare back at me: “We can’t take being pushed, pulled and pummeled every moment of the day!” cry the people, “Either it’s a lynching mob stringing up someone, or government agencies putting people in jail! We are tired!”

“Broaden your vision!” I tell the people sternly, “Look at what is standing there above the clouds, dwarfing even the Liberty statue! Look at the world record it has created, and yet you say, you are fatigued and tired? Raise your eyes and see the loftiness of our achievements!”