Over one hundred and fifty years old, St Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue, Manhattan, once the tallest building in New York, still manages to captivate with its sheer magnificence! I walked in awestruck by its absolutely stunning Gothic interior, elegant and spectacular, then turned my gaze to the brilliantly created nativity scene in a grotto inside: The shepherds were there, sheep too, and so also a life like Joseph and Mary. An angel hung from the sky.

My mother, God bless her soul, always told me I was well loved because I had three mothers!  What she meant was that I was loved by not just her but also her two sisters, and I equally loved them back. The last of the sisters passed away a few months ago, and I know I felt alone and sad as her body was lowered into her grave, but it is not about her I write about today, nor about my mother who passed away last year in Baltimore, it is about the eldest of the three, who lived a spinster, alone in her little home and when she passed away in Bangalore, over a decade and a half ago, I went down for her funeral.

Scholarship Name 1: Rolls-Royce Unnati COVID Scholarship for Women in STEM 2021

Description: Rolls-Royce India Private Limited invites applications from girl students who are pursuing graduation (general and professional) courses in STEM. The scholarship is meant to support students who have lost their primary earning family member/s due to COVID-19.

Many years ago in the Land of Andhor, there lived a mighty king who loved to do pleasing things for his subjects the people of Andhor! One day while holding court there came to him many wise men from his kingdom who pleaded with him that bandits and other robbers of bad repute jumped over the walls of his kingdom and played havoc with the people living inside, “Oh mighty king,” they prayed, “build us walls to keep away these bandits!”

It was with a weak hello she answered the phone. “Rosy!” I asked, “May I write about you?”

“What’s there to write about me Bob?” she asked, a smile in same feeble voice.