By Buvnesh

Anyone joining a gym needs to have thorough knowledge of his physical and cardiovascular capacity. This can easily be done with the help of a ‘Check-List”.  My ‘Check-List’ is a set of functional movements that help me understand my clients’ capacity, and plan a workout, based on their individual weaknesses and strengths.

There are certain functional movements that we all do daily, while performing normal, routine tasks. 

SQUATS: A very common example of a squat would be sitting on and getting up from, a chair. Depth is important in a Squat; the lowest one can go is parallel to the floor. How widely placed one’s feet are, that is stance, has to be taken care of. If the knees point forward as one squats, then the ankles need to be fixed. And if they point sideways, then the stance needs to be fixed.    

PUSH-UPS: There are about 99 or even more variations of push-ups but the traditional push-ups is enough to access a person’s push capacity.

PULL-UPS: Pull-ups are extremely helpful in building up strength.

SIT-UPS and PLANKS help determine a person’s core strength.

DEAD-LIFTS helps to access a person’s lower back capacity as one lifts weights off the ground.

The TREADMILL helps to access a person’s cardiovascular capacity. For those who cannot run well on a treadmill, there is the option for spot running and skipping.

What one looks for when the above mentioned movements are performed is the posture, point of fatigue, etc. a good posture helps avoid injuries, and hit the muscle targeted.

So friends, get started, hit the gym and stay fit! Ciao, till next week!

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