Have been reading with interest and rising concern, the sexual misbehavior charges levelled against the Chief Justice of India, and the different reactions from many I am in touch witheveryday. Sadly, most of them cast aspersions on the victim, and unfortunately this is what happens with most cases of sexual harassment, rape or molestation.

I was at a gathering a few months ago, when a lady and a very intelligent one, I was talking to announced that she a teacher had filed sexual harassment charges against a master in the school where she had taught. She then recounted with sadness that it was just a matter of time before the school gave not the master, but her, marching orders!

It was a school belonging to one of the most powerful industrialists in the country, and the master concerned used to be flown by helicopter quite often to teach the children of this rich gentleman. The school did not think that what they were doing was allowing atiger loose in a sheepfold! They did not think that this same man, now hugely emboldened would do even worse in an environment which had not just other female teachers but girl students.

No, all, they thought of was to save their man!

Let’s not take the role of a judge and decide who is innocent and who isn’t, what I would like you to ponder on today is,what is your reaction to any woman who fights the muscled mighty?

“Let it be!” “You won’t win!” “Why waste your health, money and career!” “Men are like that!”

Did you ever think that with every one of these predators going free, your daughter, sister or even mother is not safe? That knowing they can get away with it, they carry on regardless?

Did you ever think, that by supporting that lone woman, you guard your own? Have you ever realized that by making it difficult for her, by discouraging her, by laughing behind her back, it could well be your woman, who’s the next victim?

Do you know what a lonely fight it is? You don’t? Then in your mind, turn and look at your wife, your daughter and place them where this lady or young girl is trying to cry for justice.

Dare to put your woman on the anvil where the victim is. After that turn and lend muscle to these of the gentler sex;form a brigade, an army and a nation that will not tolerate this nonsense from any man, whether he be from the richest family, in the most powerful post or another vagabond!

Hear their cry, and dare to act on it..! 

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