By Maneesha Nath

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, every girl wishes for the world. So it’s time to be a girl with a MIND, a woman with ATTITUDE and a lady with CLASS.

Always remember Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself so treat your makeup like the jewellery to your face - play with colours, shapes, structures- it can transform you.

Here are few tips and tricks on how to apply makeup like a pro.

Before applying any makeup on your face always remember, hydrating your face is very important and for that all you need to do is to wash your face and apply face moisture, which allows the makeup to set and stay for long.

Now the very first thing is to conceal the discolouration or uneven skin tone of your face.

How and where do we apply the Concealer?

Conceal your eye lid (try to use a creamy concealer ) and then Apply the eye shadow using a eye shadow brush and cover only the eye lid area (do not go above the lid else it will make your makeup look cakey).

Now conceal your under eye to hide the under eye dark circles and other blemishes (if any).

How to apply Foundation?

Applying foundation is the easiest thing in the entire makeup but a very tricky one as well.

Apply foundation using a foundation brush or your finger (Do not slather it all your face). Apply it gently and blend the foundation and concealer using a stippling brush or blending puff smoothly and evenly.

Now you may Use any loose powder and buff it all over your face evenly and wait for a minute to let it set.

Once you are done with your base makeup you may now Dap your Compac to finish the powdering part.

Then comes the blush and highlighter, followed by lipstick.

Once you are done with all this you are half done with your makeup.

Now it’s time to give the final touch to your look. For that the most important and challenging part is applying eyeliner.

As the day goes, “Never ask a girl with a perfect winged eyeliner“ or “why she is late?”

So now it’s time for the most critical and the most creative part of your makeup and that’s your eyeliner. Always remember eyeliner and mascara needs to be applied at the end. 

Someone rightly said “Eyebrow speak louder than words.”

You may now use your eyebrow pencil or brush to highlight the eyebrows.

To make sure your makeup stays for long, do not forget to spray your face with the prolong make up spray to complete your look.

Better to be late then to arrive ugly.

And now you are all set to go out and have fun and enjoy the event.

May your day be as flawless as your makeup.

Until next time take care love yourself chow.

About the Author: “It doesn’t matter what others do. What matters is, what you are capable of. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

Maneesha Nath hails from Port Blair and has a diploma in aviation and hospitality. She did her industrial training from the Republic of Maldives and later was placed at the Bangalore International Airport as a guest relations officer. While continuing to work, Maneesha completed her graduation through correspondence but there was something lacking in her. Not knowing how to proceed, she decided to join a diploma in Makeup Artistry.  It was the turning point in her life, when she realized, this is what she always wanted to be – a Makeup Artist.  

Maneesha has since then assisted for brand shoots, portfolio, bridal projects among others. Her first individual project as a makeup artist for a portfolio shoot was of the model/ actress Avni Modi (Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie: Calendar Girls), which was followed by more bridal projects and brand shoots, serial, portfolio and many more.