By Buvnesh

The shoulder is what we in our language call a “ball and socket joint” and is the intersecting point of various other muscles.

A well developed shoulder is a result of a combination of various movements programmed in such a way that they compliment each other to help you get to your goal.

A wide shoulder is what gives you that broad look when you walk or stand upright and the best exercise to get a broad shoulder is the shoulder press.

A shoulder press is one of the functional movements and a compound movement that not only gives you well developed shoulders but also helps you to strengthen your core and other muscles supporting the movement like triceps, your upper part of the chest etc.


In this article, I am discussing  a standing shoulder press. This exercise can be done seated too and also with the help of dumbbells.

Step 1: Start with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Grip the barbell shoulder width apart.

Step 3: Lift the bar up and rest it on your upper chest before you press the bar up.

Now this step can be avoided if your gym has a power rack, where you have the liberty to place the bar at the height of your upper chest. An alternative for a power rack is a squat rack.

Step 4: Press the weight up and slightly behind your head in such a way that the bar aligns with your body.


I like to grip the bar in a suicide grip (all fingers together behind or under the bar) fashion, because I am used to that particular grip.

But it is advised to hold the bar at a pronated grip ie; four fingers under or behind the bar and one finger in front of the bar, for reference the way a typical person would hold the throttle of a motorbike.

Never grip the bar wider than shoulder width in any pressing movement. This is because it shortens the range of motion of the bar, and also your shoulders are prone to injuries that way.

Always remember your presses will be the strongest when your wrist aligns with your shoulder elbow and your elbow goes as low to your shoulders, let it be in any movement.

This is what I’ve noticed in my experience.

So keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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