Exactly seventy-five years ago, the Allied forcesfighting World War II landed on the beaches of Normandy to make a final thrustat Germany, who by then had nearly finished murdering 6 million Jews! Tears streaming down my cheeks I watched along with Trump, the Queen and others the tribute given to the troops who landed that day in Normandy, the only difference being I watched it on TV while they did in person at Portsmouth.

Along with the other dignitaries watching the tribute was the head of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

I wonder what her feelings were as she watched 75 year old pictures of how the whole world attacked her country, not for land or loot but to stop the cruel Hitler and his wicked genocide programme.

What are the feelings of millions of Germans whose fathers and grandfathers were party to this mass murder?

How did they allow Hitler to gain power?

How did they allow him to continue his pervasive act?

How did they allow themselves to be convinced that this monster was the right person to rule?

While visiting the Holocaust museum two years ago, I realized that something Hitler relied on completely was the art of deception.

He convinced his people that he would lead Germany onto the path of progress.

He convinced Germans they were a superior race, and others residing in their country were second rate citizens who needed to be destroyed.

And the people believed him.

This was just seventy-five years ago. Not in the medieval or dark ages. Airplanes was not only invented but were a force to reckon with in the war. Cars with advanced engines were plying the cities.

Except for the internet, things were as modern as they are now.

A modern people who could be so cruel as to kill six million innocent men, women and children! Not batting an eye to their screaming, and cries for help in the gas chambers they themselves had built.


I asked this question to six Germans who had visited my home a few years ago, and they put their heads down in shame.

It was deception of the highest order. Lies spread about a particular community. Hate, built up about a race, and that laid the foundation for a mass murder of the hugest magnitude ever, by the Germans.

In Shakespeare’s play, ‘Macbeth’, a distraught, guilt racked, sleep walking Lady Macbeth cries out, “Out damned spot!” while trying to wash her hands of the murder she had helped commit.

Watch out! Even as hate is used in plenty today, let our children and grandchildren not have to cry the same way or bow their heads in shame years later, as the world asks, “How?” to them..! 

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