By Buvnesh

What is a Squat?

A squat is a functional movement that is used to build and develop ones leg muscles, which includes Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

One uses a squat in their day to day life but never notices it, like when you sit on a chair or get up from a chair you knowingly or unknowingly use your quadricep muscles to complete that movement or goal. 

Similarly, when one reaches out for something that is beyond ones height/reach and they tip-toe to reach for it, one uses their claves to raise themselves up to complete the movement.

There are a variety of squat variations focusing on the various parts of the leg muscles, but there is one movement that is known for its benefits over-all, and that movement is ‘A Squat’.

Let’s get started with some Squat Variations

Stand with your foot shoulder width apart i.e. foot right under the furthest part of your shoulders.

Keep a very slight Bend on your knees and push your hips backwards.

Now, lower yourself towards the floor keeping in mind that your heels should always be firm on the floor and hips always extended on the way down.

And then, push yourself up with the pressure on your heels but remember DO NOT ever straighten/lock your knees.


This is strictly for when doing barbell squats.

Always keep in mind, before you even un-rack the bar from the squat rack or power rack, plant both feet under you (not necessarily shoulder width apart) and push the bar up and the take posture and squat.This helps you to get that firm stance before even you start the movement.

Where to place the bar?

You have the option to do a “high bar squat” or a “low bar squat”.The difference between the two is basically where you place the bar.

On a high bar squat, you place the bar on the traps, whereas on a low bar squat you place the bar on the lower part of your traps. And both have different purposes.

So keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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