A really suspenseful scene where thousands are hushed from noisy, riotous yelling, to pin drop silence, is when a world boxing champion is laid low by a crafty opponent’s fist that has him on his back, out for the count!

Silence reigns, as the referee starts his count, many urging the fallen champion to lie flat, others his supporters, silently willing him to get up.

1-2-3-4-5. The hush is deafening.

6-7-8, and the world watches a stir, an eye opens and with a painful yet mighty heave the man stands, bloodied and battered but willing to fight again. Those are the moments that make history! That is the moment which separates men from the boys, and a mighty man from other mere mortals.

That moment when he dares fight back.

Rahul Gandhi lies on the ground, laid low by a massive mandate delivered to his opponent! Millions heard him on TV and other speeches taking on the might and muscle of Modi, and when he fell, with just fifty seats, it was a lethal blow.

But it’s now that he is watched. Now, when the people of India will judge whether he’s a leader or landed up as head of his party just by inheritance.

What an opportunity to get up, and stand. To gather himself, toss his head, look his opponent in the eye, shake his hand and tell him he is ready for the next fight in five years, after preparing himself a little better.

But no, he lies on the mat, sulkily telling his fallen comrades he won’t lead them.

Here’s something for you Rahul as you lie on the mat beaten and bruised:

A famous American football player noted particularly for his fierce tackling although he was much lighter than the average player was asked by a journalist that it was surprising that he didn’t get hurt.

“Well,” he said with a smile, “I think it goes back to something I discovered when I was a somewhat timid youngster playing football in school. In one game, I suddenly found myself confronting a huge opposing full back, who had nothing but me between him and our goal line”

“He looked absolutely gigantic!”

“I was so frightened, I closed my eyes and hurled myself at him like a panicky bullet, and stopped him cold. Right there I learned that the harder you tackle a bigger player, the less likely you are to get hurt. The reason is simple: momentum equals weight times velocity!”

So, get up Mr Gandhi, and show the world you’re a leader, otherwise give up your seat in Kerala, and go home to rest.

And if there are others reading this, lying beaten, get up!

As India becomes a world power, she needs men and women who dare to get up, again and again and again!

Meanwhile the count has started…! 

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