By Maneesha Nath

Life isn’t PERFECT but your makeup can be.

 “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to standout in the cold”: Aristotle

So be such a beautiful soul that people crave your VIBES.

Well we cannot stop the winter or summer from coming but we surely can prepare ourselves for it.

Today we shall discuss about how to get a perfect rain/winter look.

Beauty is POWER and Makeup is something that really enhances that.So it’s time to say bye to your pink lipsticks and start wearing you red lipstick.

Yes you all heard me right, RED, because it perfectly matches with your black, grey and browns of your darker winter wardrobe.

However if you are not sure about red on an everyday basis, you can choose any dark colour lip shades from your makeup kit.

Here is a secret I would like to share with all my readers.Apply moisture before you get in the shower. This keeps your skin hydrated.

Before applying your makeup, mix your hydrating cream/cold cream with your foundation.

Avoid powder base and use cream base so that it stays for long.

I would never recommend you all to wear an eye shadow that is in the same colour of your outfit.

However, you can match your makeup to your outfit only if you are wearing any neutral or light colours to give it a natural look (not advisable for raining/winter season).

You can wear bronzer all-round the year. In fact it is recommended to opt for bronzer for warming up pale, sallow winter skin.

I hope these small tricks and tips would help you get your perfect winter look.

Stay tuned for another exciting topic in our next edition until then love yourselves,spread happiness and take good care.

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