By Maneesha Nath

Like all other languages, even Makeup has its own Language. We shall learn a little about the languages of Make-up today, which will ease your work when you go shopping for your makeup products or if you have to explain it to your artist or for any other reason in your day today life.

Concealer: Is a miracle product that hides everything your foundation doesn’t. It gives a heavier coverage and is a thicker consistency than the foundation and gives a great coverage. It helps you hide the under eye circles, age spot, skin discolouration etc.

Foundation: Is a product that evens out your complexion. Your foundation’s town depends entirely on your skin.

Note: If you have oil or blemished skin, choose matte foundation.

If your skin is normal or dry, you can choose from any of the finishes.

T-Zone: Is basically the centre of your face, including the center of your forehead, nose and chin. This area can have a slightly different texture than the rest of your face.

Most Important of all :

Oil-free: Means a product has no added oils in its formula. However it does not mean that the product might not contain moisturizers. It simply means that if it does, they do not get their moisture from any oil.

Primer: Is a product that is designed to be used underneath other products to create a better finish once. Primers also keep makeup in place much longer as you go through your day.

Stippling: Is a blending technique used for concealers and foundations.  It is also a great way to carefully apply one product over another. 

Gloss: Is a super high shine lip colour. It can add a punch of colour but does not stay as long as lipstick.

Glow: Means to create a radiance that seems to come from within. Glow does not mean shine or shiny, which can look oily. It means radiant and youthful.

It is most often created by making the perfect shade and texture choices of foundation, bronzer and blushes.

The best thing is to look Natural, but it takes makeup to look natural. Calvin Klein

Now when you know this little secrets and language of makeup, you can be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL.

Stay tuned for another exciting topic in our next edition until then love yourself, spread happiness and take good care of yourself.

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