And as different governments over the years have addressed all the wrong problems in our educational system, I can only liken it to an imaginary minister again focusing on non-issues!

 “Minister, we are so happy you have been appointed. We have to do something about our educational system!”

 “Yes, yes, I am going to tackle the problem immediately. Bring me the uniforms the children wear to school and also call the tailor!”

"Minister sir, the books have to be revised, they are outdated!"

"A little longer tailor, yes, yes, cover the knees, the ankles and right up to the toes, why not cover the toes also!"

"Children are failing sir!"

"Yes, yes let her wear a salwar under it!"

"The teachers don't know their subject!"

"Use thicker cloth!"

"There are no chairs, no desks, in some places no schools!"

"Lengthen it! The toes can be seen, stretch it more!"

"The children are running to coaching classes!"

"Widen the skirt, you should not see the shape of the ankle!"

"There is cheating and copying during exams sir!"

"Broaden it near the thigh, none should guess there is a leg inside!"

"There are no text books, and the ones that are there have only blank pages inside as the printer wasn't paid by your department!"

"Pull it higher up to cover the waist! That's it, good!"

"Children are still learning things by heart instead of understanding the subject!"

"Now let’s start with the boys pant!"

"Nobody knows English in schools sir!"

"Double the pant piece! Use more cloth!"

"The fourth standard students don't know their alphabets!"

"No crease in the front!"

"The fifth standard students know no arithmetic!"

"Too tight behind!"

"The eighth class student can't write a sentence sir!"

"Thick baggy pants for first standard boys!"

"The tenth standard children are using crayons!"

"Thick baggy pants for the fifth standard boys and for the sixth and seventh and eighth.."

"All children failed their SSC sir!"

"And for the ninth and tenth also!"

The minister looked at the long skirt and baggy pants which the tailor held out for him, his eyes gleamed with satisfaction, “We will be known throughout the world for the best educational system in any country!" he said proudly. 

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