By Maneesha Nath

The real man smiles in TROUBLE, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection.

And so our today’s edition is for all the men out there.

The trend of makeup for men is catching up. The key to wearing makeup by men is to a for natural looks.

Clean your face with a cleanser or face wash.

Try and use a good moisture to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Use sunscreen whenever you step out of your house.

Invest in a good quality razor.

Aftershaves are good but alcohol free aftershaves are the best.

Night Routine :

Try to give yourself enough time and there is no harm in pampering your own self for good. 

Wash your face/body with warm water.

Use eye pads if required to relax your eyes after a hectic day.

Dry your face/ body and use lotion or night cream.

Brush your hair before going to the bed.

Washing your face before going to bed is the most important practice for everyone. This is because :

It cleans your pores and finally allows your skin to breathe.

It helps you remove oil and dust from your skin and leaves your skin looking fresh.

It prevent wrinkles.

Not washing your face can lead to premature ageing.

The most important DRINK A GLASS OF WATWR BEFORE GOING TO BED. This helps your skin hydrate the entire night giving you a fresh look for the next morning.

Stay tune for another exciting topic in our next edition until then love yourself,spread happiness and take good care of yourself.

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