Makeup Is Not A Mask. Makeup is ART.

By Maneesha Nath

Makeup definitely creates magic but please do not make it a mystery. It’s a very simple process. Please don’t try to complicate it with your fear?

You do not need to have different brushes for everything. Instead you can use your finger tips for almost all applications.

First thing first, always apply makeup on a fresh face. So the first thing you need to do is wash your face and get rid of all the dust or impurities if any.

Now apply your moisture (if you have a dry skin). Incase of oily skin (do not avoid moisture), use a gel base moisture else mix little moisture with your foundation.

Don’t rush when you are doing your makeup. Allow your skin to absorb whatever you apply.

You need to give time to your skin therefore after every step you should allow the application to settle.

After 3 to 5 mins apply concealer under your eyes and to those parts of the face where you feel there are blemishes or any marks to hide.

Now apply foundation and blend it with your fingertips all over your face and blend it well with the concealer so that it looks even. (Make sure you choose the right foundation that matches your skin tone)

Use a makeup sponge to blend the foundation for more coverage.

Now it’s time for the powder. Use a powder puff to apply the powder and then if required use a powder brush to remove the excess powder. (Brush is not mandatory. Use only if required).

Apply the eye shadow of your choice. Incase you are using your finger to apply then just swipe it at one go. (Inward go outward direction). Do this for two to three times to get the even tone. (You can also do this process before the foundation step just to avoid any excess eye shadow falling on your face).

Now to finish the look. You may apply the liner, mascara and kajal.  Use a winged brush or any thin brush to apply the eye liner.

For the final touch you can apply the blush to the apple of your cheek. (If you don’t want you can avoid this process). Blend it well with a fluffy and dense brush.

Finally apply your lipstick and you are ready.

Before stepping out of your dressing room, do not forget to check yourself in a bright light to make sure everything is blended well.

Stay tuned for another exciting topic in our next edition. Until then love yourself, spread happiness and take good care of yourself.

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