Yes India, you are being watched by the rest of the world. You are being watched by neighbours, many of whom have never tasted democracy, many who have suffered under military rule and dictatorships!

You are being watched by China, who have ruthlessly cracked down on dissidents and protestors, mowing them down with bullets and tanks!

You are being watched by princely ruled kingdoms, who till lately didn’t even allow a woman the right to drive a car!

You are being watched by nations who allow only those of one particular religion to hold office!

By America which boasts itself of being the world’s largest democracy and looks enviously at you as you shout you are the world’s largest!

By Russia, which has a strong man breaching electoral rules so he can continue ruling for a few terms more!

By England, whose rulers many decades ago, ne’er thought you’d last as a nation!

Yes, India you are being watched! 

Suddenly all eyes of the world are focused on whether this blanket thrown over one state, is actually smothering the people, that not a squeal or shriek is heard from under those heavy covers!

Suddenly all eyes of the world are wondering why a country that boasted of allowing each citizen to follow the religion of his choice, now is answerable to laws who question his right to choose which god to follow!

Suddenly the eyes of the world wonder why some in the country can’t tolerate another’s eating habits and have banned those items from their neighbours tables!

Suddenly the eyes of the world look askance at the number of women who are finding the country unsafe as they are stripped and raped in every city and town!

Suddenly the world asks, how a billion and a quarter people say that all’s well, as they feel their economy sliding, jobs dwindling and food dwindling!

Yes India you are being watched!

It’s during times of victory that the world watches how a victor behaves! Is he gracious to the loser, or is he vicious and vindictive?

It’s during times of victory that strong politicians turn to become great statesmen. It’s during times of electoral victories that gentleness and softness show the strength of a party and leader!

Yes India, today, the world watches and today we can, in this giant arena called India, show the world what we really are, not through brute force, not through the use of arms and muscle but by showing compassion, clemency and calm, all the emotions that the land of Yoga should exude.

We are being watched India, let us rise to the occasion and be worthy of such a close scrutiny..! 

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