Food plays an important role in maintaining the nation as it produces a healthy citizen for her protection mentally, and physically. Due to poor economic background, many students do not consume the proper nutritious food. To make it available, the central and state governments took initiative to introduce the mid-day meal scheme in the schools. It is appreciable work as to serve the humanity a fist of rice with dal. This scheme helps the motivated child to learn beyond the poor economy.

Many schools implemented this scheme and running successfully. It is also need to ensure how many children are really consuming the food in his/ her school. They avoid the food because of improper cooking of food, or they found worms or stone-grains in the food in the past. Improper cooking, worms and stone-grains not only will make the food waste but also reduce the attendance of the students, if consumed.

Students from above poverty-line (APL), bring food from home or hotels for lunch. They normally bring noodles, poorie, biscuits and other junk/fast food. It is the responsibility of the student to consume healthy food. Parents have to ensure their children eat healthy food and do not skip break-fast, lunch and dinner no matter whether both parents are office-going.

The school-going children should consume balanced-diet containing protein, carbohydrate, fat and other vitamins & minerals in the requisite amount. Students especially in the adolescence period i.e., from 11 to 19 years should include all the nutrients in their diet. During this period, the body grows enormously, metabolic rate is also high. High energy must be provided for the body to perform its function properly. When the physique is fit, the children become mentally also fit.

Starchy food like cakes, biscuits, noodles and other foods made of maida flour creates craving for food and stomach problem. Food rich of fiber like roti/chapatti, grains, cereals, pulses, dates, vegetables help in bowl movement and provide the requisite nutrition also to the growing children. So, these must be included in their diet.

Water consumption is also founded to be a major issue in the children. Lots of stomach complaints could also found in the schools. Water helps in regulating the acid-base level and smooth bowl movement in the body. Those who consume no or less water, these students come with stomach-ache, gastric problems in the school. School must make available the pure drinking water facility. At least 2 liters of water must be taken daily.

There is no doubt of creating a healthy citizen for our country if we ensure proper, healthy food for our growing children.                                                                                       

L. Elaya Raja, Science Teacher, VKZPV, Diglipur.