By Nitu Sindhu

In recent years, the quality of life has declined a lot. People these days are under huge pressure of performing better in everyday life, this pressure when not handled well leads to stress, sadness and depression. There are many therapeutic herbs around us who have this magical power of comforting us by purifying a person’s mind and soul. One such nature’s blessing is “Sahadevi” also known as known as Vernonia Cinerea, Purple fleabane or Little ironweed. Traditional Sanskrit names of Sahdevi are Uttamakanyapatra, Dandotpala, Kesarika, Devasaha, Mrugadani and Devarha.

It is a herb commonly found all over Andamans and unknowingly we consider it a weed. It is a short height plant with a hairy surfaced leaves and purple or pink flowers. This plant has been used since ancient times to treat and develop the spiritual values inside a person. It is set to attract the most divine God’s energy and thus it is been burned at several auspicious ceremonies. By placing his plant in a room, one can heal the negative energy, especially if one is going through mental or physical turmoil. It helps us control our emotions and improve the quality of sleep at night.

Apart from spirituality Sahadevi has many medicinal properties and all the parts of this shrub can be used. Researches also prove that consuming or applying Sahadevi plant can reduce stress, anxiety and Insomnia. It also cures issues related to urinary tack, skin, diarrhea, menstruation and most importantly fertility. It is a non-toxic plant and the leaves can be eaten raw like a vegetable.

This wonder herb has its valuable place in Ayurveda due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, digestive and soothing qualities. In today’s hectic life if we can find peace & calmness just by welcoming Sahadevi in our homes… why shouldn’t we.

So, plant Sahadevi and clean your aura, start your spiritual journey, burn the dried plant to remove negativity, let it clean your skin, blood, mind and soul.