Many actresses all over the world are adopting children and rearing them without a father. But at some stage they realize the child needs a dad in their lives, and off they troop in search of a dad. Here I am going to place an imaginary scene where an actress goes over to the Institute of Daddys and says, “Principal sir, I need a father for my kids!”

The Principal looks at her, wishes he was younger, but hastily puts aside such naughty thoughts and says, “You may choose! Here’s the first one; a bit domineering though!”

“Domineering!” says the actress, “that means he’ll bring my kids up with authority!”

“Also,” says the Principal sadly, “he’ll think he’s always right! Your kids may feel crushed by his dominance, may lose interest, wait to be 18 to get away from the house!”

“Ouch!” shouts the actress and looks for the next man, “Who’s this? He looks charming and determined!”

“Will make you rich quickly,” says the Principal of the school of dads, “will see your kids have enough and more, but are deceiving and dishonest!”

“And my little ones will become the same!” murmurs the actress, then hears a noise in the next room where her children are, she walks over to see a man standing in front of the TV they are watching.

“If you don’t eat dinner you don’t watch TV!” shouts the tall fellow.

“What’s he doing?” whispers the ac-tress as she looks at her petrified children.

“Ah! That’s the threatening type, he’s always threatening to lock them up, throw away their TV or ground them!”

“It could be good discipline for them, what?”

“But with no communication what-soever!” says the Principal sadly, “he won’t explain his actions; its threats, threats and threats!”

They go outside where she’s in time to see a man leave, he is good looking, wishes the children goodbye and smiles at her as he hurries off, “Wait!” shouts the actress, “You seem like a good father!” The man smiles and rushes on. “Too busy!” says the Principal, “he’s a workaholic, a good man, with a good income, but whom your children will never see!”

The actress looks at the principal and bursts into tears, “Aren’t there men who make good fathers?” she cries.

“Oh yes, there is!” sighs the Principal, “A wise father! A man who works hard, but has time for his kids, who is there to teach them to ride a bike, is there to lift them when they fall, and laughs with them when they get up on their own!”

“Am so glad this institute makes such a man!” says the actress, smiling.

“No,” smiles the Principal, “a good wife moulds such a man just as a loving husband makes a good mother of his wife..!”

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