With our country getting to be the biggest creator of Fake News, we also have the unenviable distinction of being the biggest liars. But lying isn’t good for business, or whatever else you are doing? Good old honesty is still the best policy. That one can still be counted a success if one believes in such old fashioned moralistic ideology.

A former chairman of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants says that ‘ethical behavior is the foundation of business success.’ Speaking to an audience of business and community leaders, Marin Strait said, “People want to do business with people they can trust. Trust is what makes business work. It is the bedrock of the free enterprise system.”

Honesty is still very much the best policy. Here’s something light I’d like to share:

A priest was walking down a street when he noticed a group of boys standing around a dog. Concerned for the dog’s safety, he walked over and asked what they were doing. A boy replied, “this is an old stray and all of us want it, we decided that whoever told the biggest lie could take the dog.”

“You boys shouldn’t have a contest telling lies,” said the priest. “You should all learn to be honest. Why when I was your age I never told a lie and was the most honest boy in town!”

All the boys looked at each other and sighed, “All right,” they said, “Give him the dog!”

In 1989 CBS presented a television mini-series called Lonesome Dove. It’s a gripping story of two former Texas Rangers in the Old West who face many perils as they drive a herd of cattle northward to Montana. In it Captain Woodrow Call agrees to the dying wish of his friend Gus, to bury his body in Texas.

While traveling from Montana to Texas, with his friend’s body, he was often asked why he was doing something so dangerous. To all of them the captain, looked them straight in the eye and said, “I gave him my word!”

How many of us can say the same thing of ourselves, that merely giving our word is more than enough, that we don’t need stamp paper and affidavit, just our word is enough? How many?

Lying seems to be a way of life for many people. Several years ago, a survey found that 91 percent of those asked lie routinely about matters they consider trivial, 36 per cent lie about important matters. 86 percent lie regularly to their parents; 75 per cent to their friends, 73 per cent to their siblings and 69 percent to their spouses!

Those who speak the truth seem to be a very small percentage and yet we need to get back to being honest, totally honest. It’s still the best and most workable policy and yes, it’s very good for business.

Try it and see..!

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