In this session of Parliament, the opposition seem to be boiling with rage, and with increased numbers they intend to make a huge noise in the House and outside. But, is this the way things will change in this country?

The best method is to keep one's cool. Her are two episodes of uncool and cool people:

The first is that we have to accept that there will be people who it will be impossible to please, people who have a ‘god feeling ‘ about themselves, but even they should be dealt with methodically.

The man was a regular customer and the management did its best to please him. So when he complained one day that only one piece of bread was being given him with his meal, the waiter promptly brought him four slices.

“That’s good,” he said, “but not good enough. I like bread – plenty of it.”

So the next night he was given a dozen slices. “Good,” he said.” But you’re still being frugal, aren’t you?”

Even a basketful of slices on the table the next day did not stop his complaints.

So the manager decided to fix him. He had a colossal loaf of bread baked specially for him. It was six feet long and three feet wide. The manager himself, with the help of two waiters, brought it in and laid it on an adjoining table, then waited for the reaction.

The man glared at the gigantic loaf, then looked at the manager and shouted, “So we’re back to one piece again are we?”

Some people make a habit of losing their cool, don't they?

And here’s Hank who kept his cool:

Hank recently got out of his car in a parking lot and accidentally bumped the door of a car next to him. A man jumped out of the other car, his face red and flushed, spoiling for a fight. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He desperately wanted Hank to argue with him, so he could reinforce his anger and ultimately pick his fight.

But Hank wouldn’t buy it. “Hey look, I was careless and inconsiderate. I know how you feel, I don’t like people humping my car door, either. If there’s any damage, I’ll pay for it.”

Hank’s behaviour defused a potentially explosive situation. The other driver calmed down, “I don’t know why I’m so upset at you. I’ve been having a really bad day. But I didn’t mean to be so hostile over such a small thing. There isn’t even any damage. Forget it.” They ended on a handshake

Today, our country has given the mandate for a stronger opposition, not for angry slanging matches, and violent morchas, but for handling issues, with dignity.

A message to all those who represent us in Parliament; keep your cool..!

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