It is said that “Human brain” is the most outstanding object in the world. It functions 24 hours a day, say 365 days a year. It functions right from the time we are born and stop only when we enter the examination hall”. Is this is what happening with you during your exams? Check out why? Competition has become an inseparable part of our lives and it is the fear of this competition that leaves us feeling unhappy, paranoid and worried. The fear of being put to test can be quite stressful for many people. This affects them adversely and they fail to perform to the best of their ability. Students whose attitude towards education is negative have mostly scored less or average marks while students who enjoy studying have always topped the class or been among the toppers. That’s why; thinking about studies as dull, boring, hard, etc. will only add more difficulties in your learning process. Love your studies, the way you love your favorite music or sports. Give it the same attention and passion. After all, studies give you a qualifying degree, eligibility for job, a means to earn money and fame, independence, ability to bring up your family in future, a respectable place in the society and an opportunity to make your life more meaningful and useful.  
However, some positive steps may help students cut out the stress. Here are some simple tips to help you overcome that needless fear of what’s called “exam fever”.
Many a time students are advised to prepare a Time Table and follow it regularly. However, very few follow this advice and as a result, a fortnight before the exams they find themselves in deep waters. In such a situation, it will be helpful if the student identifies which subjects/papers/topics are hard to deal with but are essential from the exam point of view. Every night just before going to sleep, you should go through those difficult topics and the next morning, revise them. This should be done everyday, till the exams commence. If this practice is followed for at least two weeks, there will be remarkable progress and you’ll gain confidence.
A revision timetable can be one of the most valuable tools available in the run-up to exams. Preparing a timetable creates a visual plan that will show you clearly how you are going to cover all of the topics that need to be included in your revision.
A good revision during exam time will surely relax your mind and helps you to avoid unnecessary exam stress. So prepare a special strategy for course revision and prepare special short revision type notes. Plan your revision schedule as early as possible and follow the same honestly and keep reviewing it and make necessary changes as and when necessary. This would definately help you to deal with lengthy course and improve your revision strategy. Select chapters as per your strength and gain tremendous confidence by practicing more & more questions. Just follow your revision schedule strictly.
Stress actually is contagious. During exam week, resist the urge to have a study session with your super-tensed friend, especially if he/she’s complaining about all the work she has to do and breaking pencils all over the place. His/Her stress will only add to your stress.
Practise deep breathing, meditation and yoga as forms of relaxation. They help your body relax and reduce stress. Alternately, take a brisk walk in fresh air after your day's revision is over. Rest is just as important as revision so make sure you get plenty of sleep. "Try to go to bed at the same time every night and get into a routine. "You should also cut down on caffeine, alcohol and other drugs to help you get a proper night's sleep."
Avoid junk foods, especially avoid meat, fried foods, chocolates and soft drinks etc. Drink lots and lots of water. It's good for you. It helps your mind to think better.
Whether you agree with it or not, exam-taking is a fundamental part of education and being well prepared for taking them is of massive importance. Start early, spread out your workload and try to stay relaxed during the whole process. A bit of careful planning goes a long way, and if you are methodical and organized you will find the whole process much easier. If you believe in God, pray before you start studying. Prayer will help you increase confidence; reduce your stress as well. Exams are just to assess your preparation. So just relax, it is not the end of the world if you do not fair well in them. You’re you, so you can only do the best you can.

Bency Joy
PHd Scholar in Psychology
GSSS Sabari Jn, Rangat