By Dr. Puneet Arora

Are you or your kid is showing these symptoms:

• Difficulty in breathing?

• Cough of long duration?

• Breathlessness on any physical exertion (Climbing stairs, physical playing, loud laughing or talking, forceful urination or passing stool, etc.)?

• Heaviness/weight sensation on chest?

• Whistling/Wheezing on expiration?

• Stress on throat, chest, or abdominal muscles during respiration?

If any of these symptoms are present, there is possibility that you or your kid is suffering from Asthma.

Reasons of Asthma:

• Mental cause: There is a strong tendency seen in people showing strong emotions like:

 Anger.

 Excitement.

 Emotional instability.

 Sudden fright. Fearful kids. For e.g. sound of crackers, sudden loud noise or scolding by parents.

• Physical cause:

   Weather change.

 Pollution. It comprises vehicle generated gases, smoking etc.

 Pollens.

 Use of Perfumes/Scents/Deodorants.

• Low Immunity: Above-mentioned causes are not solely responsible for aggravating or causing asthmatic attacks. People with low immunity or low health restoration power if affected by above-mentioned reasons may suffer from asthma. Low immunity has a strong reason of being present. That can vary from strong medication or over-use of antibiotics in childhood to wrong medication or suppressed skin eruptions.

Seashore Asthma:

This is a particular condition seen in people residing near sea. These people show marked reaction to humid and cold air coming from sea. Homoeopathy has very effective results in this condition.

Homoeopathic Approach:

As termed in my last article, “Homoeopathy treats the man in disease, not disease in man”. Here we have to treat the person suffering as a whole and up to the exact cause i.e. mainly the ‘low immunity’ with right homoeopathic medicine.

As soon as immunity of the patient rises against the odds, patient starts showing improvement in every aspect.

It’s being seen clinically that patients under intense medications like nebulization or anti-allergics or anti-biotics for Asthma have shown remarkable correction in health after homoeopathic medicines as they have gained immunity against the causative factors with complete stopping of nebulization.

Medicines like Arsenic, Bromium, Medorrhinum, Natrium muriaticum, Sambucus, Spongia etc shows remarkable results in asthma and associated complaints. But it is always advisable that homoeopathic medicine should be taken under proper consultation of homoeopathic physician, where the whole totality should be considered before prescription.

Patients should avoid taking homoeopathic patents, mixtures, combinations available in medical stores, as they do not reach up to the deep level of cause and shows superficial results with long time after-effects like weak eyes, graying of hair, abdominal cramps, and weakness of memory with increase in weight especially in children.

Dr. Puneet Arora and Dr. Kritika Arora are Classical Homoeopaths practicing in Delhi especially for special children suffering from Autism, Cerebral palsy, mental retardation etc with emphasis on other illnesses too under roof of Urjaa Homoeo Clinic