Last week, we discussed the three doshas – also called the three pillars of life in Ayurveda, that play an integral role in keeping the body alive and in balance. The Science of Ayurveda is based on these three pillars and either Vata (air), Pitta (fire) or Kapha (water) or a combination of two doshas dominates an individual.

Vat, Dosha. Va ta or vayu as the name indicates is by nature dry, cold, light, subtle, mobile, expansive and coarse.

Characteristics of Vat Prakriti

· Is Hyperactive & Talkative

· Irritable in nature

· Quick in afflictions with fear, likes and dislikes

· Has a thin & long frame

· Has dryness and roughness of hair, head, skin, nails and teeth

· Cracking of joints and limbs, and instability

· In the habit of keeping awake till late night

· Has intolerance for cold things and catch cold frequently

Individuals of such a prakriti also possess wealth, span of life, strength, procreation and accessories in lesser quantities. Their bodies tremble and they often dream about flying.

Vat: is the most prominent of the three doshas, it is the prime substance constituting a being, and is responsible for all activities of the body – internal & external.

Said to cause the maximum number of diseases in the body, Vat is the carrier of imbalance and diseases because of its mobile nature. The other two doshas, pitt and kaph are unable to move from their position without the aid of vat.

Diseases: Major diseases –small or big in the body is caused by an aggravated vat. Bloatedness, acidity & flatulence, constipation, urinary problems, colds & flus, joint pains, even feelings of anxiety, stress or nervousness are all because of an aggravated vat.

Food:  Individuals with Vat prakriti can take milk, ghee (both from a desi cow and chemical-free) and honey ensuring ghee is double the quantity of honey, chyawanprash (homemade & not a cheap copy from the market, which has all the prescribed ingredients) dates, shilajit or ashwagandha in milk with honey. A handful of munakka (currants) and bananas can be added gradually

It is aggravated vat that leads to nervousness and anxiety before an important event or exam, sickness at high altitudes or in closed spaces. Here, is a simple remedy to balance out vat. Whenever you feel nauseous, nervous or anxious, join your little and ring fingers with the tip of your thumb and place the index finger at the base of your thumb. Do this with both your hands simultaneously for some time.

Write to me your experience.

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