Port Blair, Dec. 23: The date for the Environment Education Camp for the middle school students at ANET base, North Wandoor has been set aside for the 30th of December, 2012. The last date for registration is the 26th of December, 2012. A registration fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged per participant. Lunch will be provided at the base. Please make your own arrangements for transport.

Itinerary For The Camp – Reporting time at the ANET base, North Wandoor – 08:45am, Orientation and Introduction – 09:00 am, Nature treasure hunt – 11:00 am, Lunch – 01:00 pm.

Mangrove walk and wade - Get a grasp of this strangely unique and beautiful landscape while you walk over completely saturated earth, with roots emerging all around you and a strange odour permeating the air and you will suddenly become aware of the plentiful life teeming around you and their interactions and dependence on each other. This habitat supports over thirty species of mangrove plants and numerous creatures; marine, terrestrial, aerial and arboreal, with fascinating adaptations. This is a silent and peaceful experience and provides the ideal space for detailed observation… birds feeding or roosting… perfectly camouflaged monitor lizards… various species of crab… hordes of juvenile fish. Molluscs of all shapes and sizes clinging to exposed roots, etc. This habitat serves as a nursery, breeding ground, feeding spot and home for creatures from the sea, land and sky.

Film screening – 04:00 pm, Departure at 05:30 pm.