Car Nicobar, Dec. 4: A seminar on the Co-operative Movement was held today at Chukchucha Village Car Nicobar. While addressing the gathering the Chief Guest Prof. B.V. Shastri said that the Co-operative Society play important role in the development of the region and brings prosperity. He said that the likeminded, determined people surely get success in their endeavor , if their efforts are united through Co-operative Society. Congratulating the Premier Society of the Island the EHL for its success, Prof. Shastri said that the Society has played very important role in the overall development of the Nicobar district, and set an example for the others to follow. Talking about the various activities which can be covered by the Society, he said that Nicobar is a land of coconuts, and good results can be obtained if coconut based products are produced. He also felt the need of undertaking Vegetable farming, through effective watershed projects, by the EHL.

In her address Prof. Bharti Mahapatra suggested that the Society can include various activities like Cattle farming, aquaculture, Floriculture , Mushroom and vegetable cultivation, in its program. Talking about the potential in the handicraft sector, she said that so many beautiful products can be prepared using the shells of the dried coconut at homes. She appreciated the efforts of the Nicobari women in the activities of the society. 

The Special Guest Dr. J.D Singh in his speech said that in spite of so many constraints, the EHL has been successfully carrying out the responsibilities in the interest of the People. Congratulating Mr Wilson Amos the Managing Director of the Society, he said that Mr. Amos has set an example of a good leader. He said that the district has already registered the highest Literacy percentage among the tribal regions of the country. Dr. Singh called upon the local youth to be the part of the Society. He said that the youth can be motivated in this direction by providing them the appropriate training in the concerned trades in Port Blair or Main land. He also felt the need of taking initiative by the EHL to launch FM or Community Radio.

The chairmen of the Seminar and the Vice Chief Captain Shri Chamberlin Paul said that the urge and feeling of cooperative movement is there from the very beginning, among the people of Nicobar, and now the younger generation has to take it further.

Earlier the Managing Director of the Society EHL, Mr Wison Amos while welcoming the guests, informed that EHL has got the distinction of being the only society in the country to have 4 ships. He said that the goal of the Society is to serve the people of Nicobar, and the society is committed for that. He said that the competition is getting tougher day by day in the business world, but the society is competing effectively.

There was an interactive session also in the Seminar, and many important questions were asked.

A large number of people from the different villages including the village captains took part in the Seminar on Co-operative Movement.