Port Blair, Dec. 6: Participating in a debate in the ‘0’ hours on the floor of the Lok Sabha, on 4th Dec. 2012, Shri. Bishnu Pada Ray, Member of Parliament has demanded from GOI, that the proposed ‘Mediclaim Scheme’ be expeditiously implemented to facilitate all the Islanders. He said that the facility should be extended to all islanders and retired Govt. Servants of A & N Administration for availing Super Speciality Treatment in mainland Hospitals, against a treatment cost of Rs. 5 Lakhs, whose Annual Income is below Rs. 3 Lakhs.

The MP emphasized that the govt. servants of the Administration benefitted for the reimbursement of the expenditure incurred for such Special Treatment at mainland during the NDA govt. period. The matter of implementation of the Mediclaim Scheme in the Union Territory is being taken in the Lok Sabha by him since 2010 onwards. Accordingly, the A & N Admn. has prepared the said Mediclaim Scheme and after a lapse of 6 months during the month of Feb, 2012, the Admn. opened the Technical and Commercial bid in this regard.

Thereafter, the file movement in this regard is still on. Bishnu expressed that he was told that the Administration is trying to introduce the British policy of “Divide and Rule” with the deduction of the beneficiaries out of the Scheme Classifying as Pre – 42, Settlers and Non – Settlers etc.

The MP therefore urged to the Govt. for a speedy implementation of the said scheme in the speed of the express train.