Where the mind is always in fear;
And head is hanging low.
Where despite the Independence Sixtieth Year;
Over 25% (people) languish the Poverty Line Below.

Where dishonesty seems to be the right way;
And, corruption is glaring and galore!
Where lawlessness is order of the day;
And financial scams are in crore.

Where humility seems to be weakness;
And arrogance seems to be strength.
Where evil designs and wickedness;
Crush goodness at length.

Where the systems seem to be weak;
In combating insurgency and terrorism;
But, benefits always the power mongers seek;
By encouraging communalism and casteism!

Where too few have too many;
And too many have too few.
Also privileges and good opportunities mainly;
Go to the rich and powerful too!

Where discrimination is in excess;
Against the sections weaker!
And voices of the voiceless;
Are suppressed and made meeker.

Where the marginalised and the poor;
Don’t get their due share in life ever;
And many are forced to commit suicide in the moor;
Due to unemployment, poverty, indebtedness and hunger!

Where Peace is threatened gravely;
And Social Injustice is extreme.
Where dignity of life to all- very sadly;
Remains a distant dream!

To change the above scenario, however;
Let us all resolve today.
Challenge and change all systems forever;
In every possible way!

Where flow of resources never ends; for the development sake;
Where one mistakes everybody mends; 
And A Pledge for Communal Harmony does everyone take;
In that Land of Peace & Prosperity, my friends;
Let our country awake.

New Delhi: 30th July, 2008