Letter to the Editor

It was one of the most fearsome nights I had ever experienced in my life while in my residence at CE Office Complex. Since evening, a snake was inside my cupboard resting between clothes. It kept showing up and hid between the apparels in the bottom rack. I thought maybe it would go by itself but at night when I went back to check again, I saw the same snake wrapped around the clothes and very clearly visible.

Not knowing how to deal with the situation, I called my cousin and he immediately came with a Snake Man Shri Mandeep Singh of Forest Department. The snake could not be seen but I was confident it was inside somewhere. It was so kind of the Snake Man Mandeep Singh that even at midnight 12.30, he did not lose his patience and with his expertise, he caught hold of the snake from inside the cupboard and covered it with a cloth.

A man with such a passion of catching snakes helped me out at this hour of need. True passion needs no time to be shown. I am grateful to you Sir. May you continue your work with such dedication and let the islands witness the real hero soon. Thank you and Good luck. 

K. R. Sagarika