- Dr. Dinesh

Those doing online or offline business be careful. Person name Sahil or Sanjay Singh will contact you and will place an order. After the order is done they will ask for your QR code to pay through Google Pay or Phone Pay or others. They may even share fake address and aadhar card (soft copy). Then they will immediately transfer Re 1/- to your account as a test transfer to verify your account number which will be followed by contacting you over phone to do a test transfer to their QR code to verify their account too.

This time they will be sending probably a malicious QR code but they will insist to pay the total amount of the product to his Gpay account as they are unable to pay cash since it is an Army or Defence Account. They might also say that their boss has told them not to transfer the entire amount which is the total cost of the product. They will also send an Army cheque to you on which the salary is credited (for e.g. if the product value is Rs 5000/- since you have already transferred Re1/- they will ask you to send Rs 4999/-). Now with this you may get into their trap. They might even ask part by part amount as test transfer. If you track the number, it may be from Haryana or some other states.

Just thought of sharing the experience with all with an intention of creating awareness and caution not to fall prey to tricks of such scamsters. If any scamsters call you, its better to inform cyber cell and request everyone to be aware of such frauds.