Under the Food Safety Act Rules and Regulation all eateries including Hospital Kitchen, Hostel Kitchen, Temples, Churches  etc. wherever Food is served  to masses has to be registered even if the Food is served free of cost, this is to ensure that these places also is certified under the Food Safety Act. But why the government establishments are left out and only insisting for Private firms. By ensuring Food Safety compliance the Hospital Kitchen also needs to ensure the minimum criteria that any one has to do, so that the patients also get safe food.

Last year food poisoning at Bakultala Panchayat sweet distribution during 26th Jan 2013 was without Food Safety Registration. Now it is to be seen that at all places wherever sweet is distributed during the 26th Jan Republic Day function, the Food Safety department needs to ensure that the department is buying genuine food from licensed or registered premises and samples needs to be collected before sweets are distributed !!!!!

B. Kumar