On 1st January at around 4.30 am my son R.S. Vishnu's car AN 01 0011 was forcefully stopped near Aboo Pan Shop by a boy who was riding a R15 .

One more Ecco sports An 01 J 5454 came from behind and parked in such a way that my son had no space to move the vehicle. 

The bike rider had already blocked my son’s car from the front with his R15.

Before my son could understand anything the bike rider came to the window side and started hitting my son. Meanwhile two more car carrying around 15 boys also reached there and joined these boys.

Suddenly someone broke the rear wind screen of my son’s car.  Hearing the sound, my son turned back and saw two boys coming from the back. Immediately after that all the boys left the scene. 

On hearing about this incident, I took my son to Aberdeen Police Station and lodged a complaint but I regret to state that police had not yet lodged a FIR.

I would further like to inform you that earlier also I have lodged two complaints but no case was registered.

The role of police in all the three case should be enquired and why the law of the land is immune to this family should be brought to light.

Dr. Jijith Rekh

R/o Austinabad