Port Blair, April 9: The Member of Parliament, Shri Bishnu Pada Ray has questioned the A&N Administration for irregularities in implementing various schemes of the Govt. of India, also for a biased approach and for disobeying the orders passed by the Prime Minister of India.

Addressing a press conference at MP Bhawan today, the Member of Parliament said that he had raised the issue of Unorganised Sector Workers Social Security Act, 2008 which is not being implemented in the islands. In response the A&N Administration had said that it would be implemented in the islands in 2013-14. To my surprise, he said that the Administration in hurry has declared that the rules have been implemented in North & Middle Andaman. It is surprising to note that no Smart Cards have been issued to any of the members and moreover the scheme has not been implemented in the South Andaman district. The Smart Cards is meant to reduce corruption, he said.

On the issue of PBMC which ordered demolition of a building at Aberdeen Bazar, mentioning it has violated the Building Bye Laws, the MP said the Municipal Board was formed in the year 1980 and the said bye laws was issued in 1989. If one considers the Bye Laws, 90% of the buildings inside Port Blair city are illegally constructed. These buildings include Raj Niwas and the MP Bhawan too. Even the defence buildings are constructed without considering the bye laws of the Municipal Council. As per records, 306 buildings inside Port Blair city have been constructed without Plan Approval and 174 buildings have violated the said Building Bye Laws of the PBMC. In such a situation, when the buildings are being constructed, are the authorities sleeping to wake up after the construction is over, asked the MP.

Naming few other buildings such as KN Singh’s Building at Prem Nagar and Hotel Blair for which notices had been issued on 5.12.2007 and 29.02.2000, the MP asked the concerned authorities whether any action has been taken against them.

Regarding the compensation being given to the tsunami victims, Bishnu asked whether it is being followed as per the Prime Minister’s Order dated 15th June 2011 wherein the PM had mentioned about alternate land or monetary compensation as per the existing market rates.

Recently the Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman had ordered removal of encroachment in selected pockets. To this Bishnu commented that it is a political drama as no encroachments would be removed ultimately. If the Administration is so keen on removal of encroachments, they should first check the encroachments attached to Raj Niwas.

The Prime Minister of India had also issued orders to consult with the local MP regarding plans to combat threats from China on 30th Sept. 2011 and also to consult the local MP before implementing the Island Protection Zone. I am surprised that the Administration and the Administrator seem to be above the Prime Minister and have decided not to obey his orders, Bishnu remarked.

Regarding opening up of Andaman Trunk Road, the Member of Parliament said it is again to attain political mileage as the Administration itself in it affidavit had mentioned that the road be allowed open till 2015 when an alternate sea route would be put in place.

Raising the issue of Viper Island lease, Bishnu Pada Ray said, the Administration and the Home Minister are fooling the Govt. in the name of tourism development and employment generation. I will be moving a privilege motion in the parliament soon against the Home Minister. Necessary correspondence for the same has been done today, added the MP.