Port Blair, March 20: A meeting was held on  20.03.2013 in the Conference Hall of Secretariat under the chairmanship of Commissioner-cum-Secretary(Trpt) and in the presence of  Senior officers including Secretary(Tribal Welfare), Inspector General of Police(L&O), Deputy Commissioner(South Andaman) and SP(South Andaman)to sensitise the transporters, tour operators and other stake holders regarding the importance of strict implementation of PAT Regulation 2012 and monitoring of ATR users consequent  to the judgement vide Hon’ble Supreme Court on 5th March 2013. The participants were explained about the legal position regarding ATR and reiterated the responsibility of government agencies and transporters, tour operators, drivers and others in ensuring compliance of regulations.

All the vehicle operators were asked to ensure that the proper documentation of their passengers/customers was carried out and information furnished to the regulatory authorities at the check post. Co-operation of transporters, vehicle operators and others were sought in nabbing the culprits who might attempt to violate the regulators.

The participants whole heartedly agreed to cooperate and follow the procedure laid down by the administration in regulating the ATR and their responsibility to ensure compliance by their crew and passengers.

Port Blair, March 19: The Hon’ble Supreme Court vide their judgement dated 5/3/2013 in SLP(C) No. 12125/2010, has issued directions for strict implementation of Protection of Aboriginal Tribes (PAT) (Amendment) Regulation, 2012 and also the orders issued there under (i.e new Buffer Zone notification dated 17/01/2013). The Administration must ensure that the traffic in the ATR should be continued to be regulated carefully for all the persons travelling namely Government Officials, Settlers, Providers of goods and services and other visitors.

In view of this, the general public is advised that no violation of the PAT Regulation or instructions should take place while travelling in the stretch of ATR passing through Tribal Reserve area. Further, it is advised that all road users shall carry their identity documents while purchasing tickets as well as while travelling through the stretch of ATR. They are also advised not to use photo capturing devices while travelling through the ATR. All vehicle owners/ drivers have to provide declaration in the prescribed format containing details viz, name, address, place and details of Identity proof etc. along with an undertaking that they will abide by the PAT Regulation. All owners of contract carriage vehicles, stage carriage vehicles, tour operators and the crews of the vehicles are also advised to sensitize the passengers travelling in the vehicles on the precautions to be taken while travelling on ATR prior to commencement of the journey. Strict action would be taken against owners of vehicles, tour operators, taxi drivers and road users, if there is any violation of PAT Regulation which may also lead to cancellation of permits and licenses.

Port Blair, March 18: The Member of Parliament Shri. B.P. Ray has raised the issue of restoration of the Viper Island as a Heritage Monument in the floor of the lower house today at 1215 Hours during the ‘0’ hour.  Emphasizing the historical background of the Viper Island, he said that thousands of our famous Freedom Fighters of 1857, War of Independence were transported to Andaman and were incarcerated in Viper Island Jail known as Notorious Chain Gang Jail.  The Great Heroes like Liyaqat Ali, Maharaja of Puri, Maharaja of Imphal, and the Freedom Fighters of Kuka & Whabhi Andolan were among them. 

The Prime Ministers of India right from Pandit Jawahar Lall Nehru to Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee were pleading for restoration of Viper Island as a Heritage Monument. But the present GOI has sold this Island @ Rs.1/- per annum to a Malaysian Company on PPP Mode, who has the background help of China, said the MP. 

Bishnu Pada Ray has thus demanded to restore the Viper Island to be as National Heritage Monument.

“If the Company, so desires, they may be given other vacant places for their project and whoever are involved in the Scam in connection with the project may be Narco Tested”, said the MP concluding his speach.