Power supply will remain suspended in some of the areas on 03.05.2013 and 04.05.2013 from 0800 hours to 1100 hours for installation of 11 KV new breakers at Garacharma Sub-Station. 

The areas to be affected on 03.05.2013 are, CARI, GSS, part of Garacharma (Rajaji Nagar), Bird Line, Calicut, Kamaraj Nagar, Beodnabad, Rangachang, Burmanallah, Chidiyatapu, part of Prothrapur, Japan Nallah, Austinabad, Corbyn’s Cove, Brichgunj, Brookshabad & part of Chakkargaon.

Garacharma complete, Bhatu Basti, Pathergudda, part of Prothrapur, New Pahargaon & Satellite Colony, Dollygunj, Attompahar, Old Pahargaon, ICMR Colony area & part of Minnie Bay are the areas to be affected due to power disruption on 04.05.2013.