Port Blair, Feb 1: Today, a group of locals picnicking in Collinpur Beach had confrontation with a group of Jarawa. It is alleged that the Jarawa snatched the belongings of the local tourists. Sources reveal that soon after the incident, the AAJVS staff had reached the spot and later the matter was reported at Police Station Ograbraj. It is also alleged that the Jarawa assaulted the group. With the intervention of AAJVS, the matter is learnt to have been settled.

Cases of conflict between Jarawa and the settlers are also on the rise. After the abduction case, on 22nd January, a group of 60 youth from Collinpur village had planned to confront the Jarawa, who had raided a house belonging to one Muthu. It is learnt through sources that enraged Jarawa is targeting settlers, who indulge in exploiting the Jarawa girls.

 “Due to some anti-socials and poachers, we are living in a state of fear as Jarawa do not differentiate between innocent villagers and poachers”, said Balram Singh, a resident of Collinpur.

Balram also said that it seems that the Law is for safeguarding the Jarawa and not us. When the Jarawa attack us, we are forced to suffer, while if we let out our anger, we become the culprits. He said this while admitting that the Jarawa usually raid the houses and shops of people, who entertain them by providing food or selling goods.  

“Jarawa do not come to my house, as they are well aware that they would not get anything”, he adds.