Poachers Sexually Exploit Jarawa Girls under Influence of Alcohol and Ganja

By AC Bureau

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Port Blair, Feb 1: For the first time, in a revealing audio clip, a Jarawa man clearly states that local poachers and fishermen from throughout South Andaman have been exploiting them.

These poachers are from Junglighat, Wandoor, Herbertabad and Tirur. They not only visit the Reserve but are also involved in exploiting the girls sexually. They have introduced alcohol and ganja (marijuana) among the Jarawa.

In the audio clip, the Jarawa man says that poachers regularly visits the Reserve and in the influence of alcohol and ganja chase and hurt the girls and sleep with them in the Jarawa Chadda (hut). He also complains that the girls are physically tortured.


In another clip (which will released shortly), the Jarawa man says that the poachers bring rice, sugar, oil, tea powder, tobacco leaves, alcohol and zarda.  In exchange they take away crabs, venison, pork, drum and dhoop (resin).

The audio clip reveals the extent of exploitation by the poachers, as the Jarawa man spells out the names of nearly 20 such poachers, who are regulars.

From Tirur area, he names Chotu, Lamba ka Ladka, Bablu, Sujoy, Deva s/o Neelu, Raja alias Tapas (man with moustache), Haran, Natia, Kishore. 

From Guptapara area, he names Udu (short statured ‘Nata’), Sameer, Pintu, Nitai.

From Wandoor, Robin, Neen ka Ladka Mandal, Lalu, Ada ka Bhai. He also names a few persons from Junglighat, Port Blair – Thata Rao, his father and other persons in his group.

The Jarawa man also mentions that Thata Rao and his group from Junglighat come for fishing and collect from them crab, pig, deer, resin (dhup), jerricane, drum etc.

"There had been many cases against the poachers for intruding into Jarawa Reserve. However, in most cases, they come out on bail," says an expert in the field.

"Sexual exploitation is also alleged against many poachers, albeit they are not proved by the law as in most cases, the Jarawa girls won't testify against the poachers," he added.

Last month on 16th and 17th two teams of poachers were apprehended by a Joint team of AAJVS, Police and Forest from Jarawa Tribal Reserve in the West Coast and Hiren Tikrey. The poachers had taken about 8 Jarawa girls along with them. One of the team stayed in the Reserve for three days along with the girls. The girls were rescued and brought back and all the poachers were arrested under various sections of ANPATR and SC/ST POA Act.

In another incident, a local poacher Nitai Mondal, resident of Guptapara whose name repeatedly appears in the audio clip, went to Chotagoja Jarawa Camp, a Jarawa Reserve on the West Coast on 3rd November with ration articles - rice, vegetable oil, sugar and tea and camped with a group of Jarawas.

On the next day he took two Jarawas - Dawa and Lekhte to Bambu Nallah, where other Jarawas were camping. He stayed with them for a day and later took 5 Jarawas - Anijamu (43), Illy (25), Anjale (27), Achehane (25), and Tahe (22) to Tarmugli Island. Nitai Mondal, who is a habitual offender, is already booked in two cases of exploitation of Jarawas. But, he too was let off on bail.

Although, the police tried to frame charges of sexual exploitation in the recent abduction cases, it is learnt from very reliable sources that they could not prove it as the Jarawa girls who had accompanied the poachers to Hiren Tikrey and West Coast did not testify against them.

"Most of the Jarawa girls, who are indulging in such acts, are either orphans or widows, and are unaware of the consequences of their compliance with the poachers," a senior anthropologist told Andaman Chronicle.

After shedding their hostility in the year 1997, the Jarawa tribe has become more vulnerable to outside influence and the recent developments inside their home speaks for itself.


The girls say...

The outsider (in’en) boys press them... lots.

They press them using hands and nails, when the girls get angry.

They chase them under the influence of alcohol, the girls...

They do (yoha) sex (pelta) with the girls.

All the girls, (and he names around 10 girls)

Sujoy and Chotu come to the girls

and Bablu and Nitai and another one Kaushik...

they drink alcohol in the house of girls.

They also sleep in Jarawa’s house (Chadda).

They chase the girls after smoking Ganja (Marijuana). smoking Ganja...

All the outside boys... the boys I named earlier.

Sujoy and one Chotu and one Kaushik and one old man from Guptapara, Nitai and one Sameer and I missed one outsider, no two outsiders... There are two more ... That Mamu from Guptapara... there is a boy you know... his name is Mamu... He is known as Mamu... he is also there...


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